2021: A year of perseverance, success in the face of unwarranted pressure

The year 2021 has been a year of both defining success and trying setbacks. From accomplishing the second phase filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the global trending no more movement to the liberation of the Amhara and Afar states from the invading force of destruction, TPLF, Ethiopia last year saw remarkable achievements that are worth-telling.

On top of that, the result of the joint investigation of the UN rights body and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission exonerated Ethiopia from the genocide charges that were put forwards by so-called right groups and their paymaster countries. These successes came amidst international and internal predicaments.

The year was not without its barriers. The loss of lives, gang-rapes, and destructions of infrastructural facilities by the terrorist TPLF group in the Amhara and Afar states, the coordinated media propaganda by foreign missions and their parrot international media outlets posed a setback against Ethiopia. Astoundingly, Ethiopia stood firm in the face of global pressure and unfair sanctions with its citizens united in unison.

With the start of the New Year, Ethiopia is preparing for new success and challenges that have continued from last year. The New Year is being already accompanied by the first phase power generation of GERD, the great homecoming event, and the no more global campaign. Rebuilding infrastructural facilities and rehabilitating affected communities, fending off foreign pressures, and carrying of national dialogue are the main engagements awaiting Ethiopia in the year 2022.

GERD second filling

Ethiopia accomplished the second phase filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) with flying colors. The filling that s a remarkable turnaround in the construction of the dam came against all odds. Visibly with the second filling of the dam, the river overflows over the top of the dam as the graceful Abay River also passes through the culverts.

Obviously, the successful accomplishment of the second filling GERD also testifies the unwavering resolves and defiance of Ethiopians against foreign interference and pressure. The completion of the second filling also adds a cherry on the successful national election. These all came in the midst of the ongoing campaign by collusion of internal and external forces to undermine the national interest of the country.

Even though some forces turn on the charm, Ethiopia came victorious both technically and politically. Prior to the announcement of the second filling, the plot by Egypt to internationalize the issue came shortly after the UNSC refused Cairo what it wanted.

The announcement of the successful completion of the second phase filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) upped euphoria among the public, a strong force behind the dam. People from all walks of life across the nation took to the streets to express their excitement and continued support for the construction of GERD. The hysteria came in defiance of foreign intervention and ongoing misinformation against Ethiopia in what some describe as coordinated effort and collusion of internal and external forces to weaken the nation. For many though, the accomplishment of the second filling of the dam proves Ethiopia’s endurance and invincibility against all odds.

Obviously, there was discontent in the international community over the unfair treatment of Ethiopia with regard to the GERD issue and the law enforcement operation in Tigray State. For many, the ongoing external pressure against Ethiopia is rather strengthening internal cohesion all over the country.

With unfair foreign pressure showing no signs of slowing down, many are optimistic that the country as witnessed in the second filing of GERD would emerge victorious on all fronts beating all the adversaries, a belief very much shared by many Ethiopians. With the dam expected to commence first power generation in 2022, global attention will be at Ethiopia once again.

The global #NoMore Movement

Following the U.S.’s unprecedented pressure and misguided foreign policy towards Ethiopia, thousands of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians have been joining the #NoMore Movement which is trending globally. The U.S. has been pulling out all the stops with the intention of destabilizing Ethiopia and leading the propaganda campaign supported by the inappropriately named international media outlets.

The #NoMore Global Movement is now attracting more Africans and foreign nationals who oppose the U.S. and other Western countries’ unfair intervention on Ethiopia and Africa. Among others, Russia and China joined the movement to denounce Western interference in the name of democracy in a given sovereign country.

Against the backdrop of Washington’s misguided foreign policy towards Ethiopia, many foreign activists, and renowned personalities have been joining the #NoMore Movement. The rally’s coordinators urged the international community to side with truth and justice by denouncing the terrorist TPLF remnants’ atrocities on the Amhara and Afar people.

Ethiopians, other citizens of Ethiopian origin, and friends have rallied in in Europe and North America with the “NoMore!” campaign to ram home Ethiopia’s truth to the international community. The demonstration aimed at reducing external pressure and interference in the country’s internal affairs.

The rallies were part of the global movement against the U.S. and some Western countries’ intervention in the Horn of Africa nations’ internal as well as the international media outlets’ coordinated disinformation campaign against Ethiopia.

As part of the No More movement, Addis residents held massive public rallies in front of the U.S. and UK embassies to denounce the respective countries’ unjustified pressure against the legitimate government. The gathering split at Arat Kilo and marched to the embassies of the U.S. and the UK in Addis Ababa.

During the course of the rallies, protestors strongly condemned the U.S. and its allies’ undue pressure on Ethiopia and urged the international media outlets to stop spreading disinformation about the current situation of Ethiopia. The rallies were held in Washington DC, Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, London, Denver, Calgary, Ottawa, Dallas, Jerusalem, Toronto, Los Angles, Montreal, Quebec, Kingston, among others.

No Genocide

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) jointly investigated and released a report in 2021. The joint probe came up with a conclusion that Ethiopia carried out no genocide in the Tigray state.

According to the report the terrorist TPLF group is in charge of triggering the conflict by attacking the Ethiopian army base on November 3rd. The report presents the genesis of the conflict as this: “On 3 November 2020, the Tigray Special Forces (TSF) and allied militia attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and took control of the bases and the weaponry. On 4 November 2020, the federal government announced a military operation against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and its forces.”

Second, the report falsified claims and allegations of genocidal killings and the use of starvation and sexual violence as a weapon of war by Ethiopian forces during the conflict. The report “could not confirm deliberate or willful denial of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population in Tigray or the use of starvation as a weapon of war.” Though it is now found to be false, the international media’s fictitious reporting of Ethiopia using starvation and sexual violence has already hurt Ethiopia’s name and has to appear situation at the United Nations Security Council several times.

Following the announcement of the report, Ethiopia received the report positively but also stated some of its serious reservations concerning some aspects of the report. Among the shortcomings of the report were limitations in scope both in time and geographic location. The report hasn’t exposed the horrific brutality that the terrorist group has committed against civilians in the Afar and Amhara regional states. It does not address the campaign of the massacre the TPLF’s proxies and allies have committed in places like western Oromia.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the report exposed baseless lies and accusations that were circulating since the outset of the war. “We have always known these allegations were false but our enemies have worked tirelessly to mislead the international community.”

The statement indicated that the findings of the joint investigation team have clearly established “the claim of genocide as false and utterly lacking any factual basis. The report also concluded the often-repeated allegation that the Government used hunger as a ‘weapon of war is without merit.”

The premier in the statement expressed his governments’ readiness to take corrective measures as well as provide compensation for victims. “We recognize and accept the report as an important document that complements our ongoing effort to provide redress to victims, ensure accountability, and take preventive measures.

The report has confirmed that “genocide”, “hunger as a weapon of war”, “sexual violence as a weapon of war”, “humanitarian assistance blockade” are sensational stories all politically motivated propagandas of the terrorist group, its affiliates, and western media that have shown its ill interest since the outset of the conflict. They may have sectionalized it, build up facts but in the end, they are fabricated stories.

The courageous decision that fully liberates Amhara and Afar states

As starkly witnessed in various historical incidents, Ethiopia’s leaders including the most-revered ones had been sacrificing their lives for the dignity and sovereignty of their country alongside the men and women patriot warriors of Ethiopians. Some even had fallen on battlefields fighting foreign aggressors. Suffice it to mention, Emperor Tewodros I and Yohannes IV.

In a similar vein, Emperor Menelik II had led his army to Adwa victory with his determined wife Empress Taytu Betul. In Ethiopia, whether the leader is a king or president, or Prime Minister nobody shies away from paying even the ultimate price to safeguard the sacred values of Ethiopianism, sovereignty, and dignity.

In fact, millions of heroes and heroines of Ethiopians had paid the ultimate price to defend their freedom and perpetuate the sovereignty of the country. Ethiopian history is replete with centuries of scarification and heroism. As bravery and pride are on the DNA of Ethiopians, they all rally behind their leaders to neutralize threats poised against the national existence of their country. These values are the mysteries behind Ethiopia’s uncolonized history.

It is these unique features that protect the country from foreign aggressors and internal traitors.

As history repeats itself, with Ethiopia facing internal and external existential threats, its current leaders decided to put their boots on the ground to fight alongside the rank and file. The Prime Minister’s leadership at war front together with the valor of Ethiopian men and women fully liberated the Amhara and Afar states from the terrorist group. The first phase of ‘National Operation for Unity in Diversity’ led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed completed successfully in eliminating the terrorist TPLF from the invading areas of the Amhara and Afar states.

The rebellious group had been cleared from the entire Afar and Eastern zones of the Amhara State by the joint operation of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces; state Special Forces as well as local militias.

The government’s offensive forced the radical element to lose the bulk of its fighters and the military hardware. Also, the Ethiopian joint forces have done successful tasks to prevent the faction from taking ammunition to Tigray.

Amhara and Afar forces have contributed greatly to the victory gained against the criminal faction. The government has decided to order the army to keep strongholds in liberated areas without further proceeding due to various reasons.



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