2021 : A year remembered with bittersweet memories

Though I do not have a slightest idea how foreigners thought back on the just ended year; and how they reminisced it, the year, 2021, has been one of the most challenging and all at once a promising year for Ethiopia, Ethiopians and Ethiopia’s allies for various reasons.

For Ethiopians who were betrayed by their own fellow countrymen, and for a nation almost the whole world has turned its back against it with numerous ploys designed to place the nation in more troubling and tough situations; 2021 is a year commemorated with bitterness and resentments.

Especially, for those people who have been forced to witness the bitter truth; and experience the worst side of the conflict, the year is dredged up with much agonizing and painful memories.

In truth, the treason against Ethiopians was started in the early hours of November 2020 when the terrorist TPLF group violently stabbed the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) headquartered in Mekelle, in the back.

Since that time, TPLF insurgents had been committing unspeakable bestial crimes against civilians. Ranging from murdering, gang raping, torturing and assaulting verbally to looting and destroying public and private facilities, the rebels perpetrated incalculable crimes that have never been happened in country’s history.

An 85 years old nun who left her earthly living behind for heavenly life, a 14 years girl who was sheltering nearby a Monastery in quest of being sprinkled with “holy water” and be healed from her illness, eight to nine months pregnant women, mothers of infants and teenagers gang raped by those immoral insurgents in front of their loved ones.

A woman along with her six-month old child and 15 years old teenager slayed mercilessly in the middle of the night by the insurgents.

The just ended had also been a year Ethiopia has been challenged by the orchestrated invisible hands of its external enemies. The saying that ‘history repeats itself’ and ‘those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it’ substantiate itself, Ethiopia once again betrayed and fell short of expectations by external forces.

Regrettably, late in the year, failing to understand the reality on the ground, and standing in favor of the insurgents, the UN Security Council passed wrong decisions against Ethiopia for the second time.

In a manner Emperor Haile Selassie’s appeal to the “League of Nations,” was denied on June 1936, the same thing has happened in Ethiopia in 2021.

The most surprising and extraordinary thing is that the UN Security Council members convened 13th times saying they are concerned about the situation in Ethiopia. However, the very reason was to impose more compelling ploys on the country and left the nation in the lurch.

Luckily, thanks to Ethiopians living at home and abroad as well as Ethiopia’s associates, Ethiopia has managed to carry out the day again and again, contrary to their aspirations and plans. The success has made Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia smile widely victoriously.

On the other way round, even if Ethiopians started the year 2021 with numerous distressing incidents, several remarkable achievements that warmth the heart and mind of Ethiopians have occurred.

2021 was a year that Ethiopians have united and stood together more than ever, strengthened their internal and external solidarity to the greatest extent and exhibited their togetherness.

As there comes a light at the end of the tunnel, the conflict incited by the terrorist TPLF enterprise has reinforced the bond between and among Ethiopians, Africans and black people across the world as well as non-Africans.

The #NoMore Movement, initiated by a coalition of Ethiopian and Eritrean activists and led by journalist Hermela Aregawi to debunk Westerns’ interference, oppose the ongoing white lies disseminated by some international media against Ethiopia and to say enough for neocolonialism, is the best indicator in this regard.

The movement, in similar way Ethiopia had ignited the idea of Ethiopianism and pan-Africanism a century back, has motivated millions of peoples across the globe to stand as one. The campaign has frustrated westerners and obligated some social media platforms including Twitter to block activities carried out on the campaign.

Not only that, but while the US Embassy in Addis Ababa and some countries issuing travel alerts and warnings for their citizens and urged their citizens to depart the country at once using available options, ironically, the number of foreigners, including US citizens, coming to Ethiopia has escalated dramatically.

Even if the Embassy has continued issuing repetitive travel alerts (17 times) to terrorize Ethiopians and Ethiopia’s friends saying “the security situation in the country is risky for foreigners,” its warnings have failed to be heard by those foreigners residing within the country; as well as those who planned to visit the nation; including its own citizens.

Worse than that, those who have come to Ethiopia confirmed the peacefulness of the country and they are criticizing the Embassy for its misleading information. They are also revealing the truth on the ground for the rest of the world.

“I returned home after 40 years in America, I am really pleased to be here and enjoying the moment. I hope many will enjoy it too. The travel alerts and warnings that have been issued by the US Embassy in Addis Ababa were so terrifying. The news spread about Ethiopia to the world is disturbing. But all are white lies; I have witnessed the situation on the ground. Ethiopia is stable and peaceful. Anyone who aspires to come can come. For sure, he/she will enjoy it,” said Ayizak Abraham who came from USA, Washington DC to Addis Ababa a day before.

True, the situation on the ground is entirely different from the lies fabricated by Western media. The condition in Ethiopia is more peaceful and safe for visitors. However, its internal and external enemies have joined hands to disrupt its peace and security, hinder its progress towards prosperity. They have sustained fabricating and spreading their fairy tales. However, they will not succeed with their attempts; except bringing more disrepute and shame on themselves because whether they like it or not, the truth has started manifesting itself; and it is speaking loudly for itself.

And we, Ethiopians when think back on the year 2021, we hark back to the Biden’s Administration, member countries of the UNSC, the orchestrated plots of Western media; aside from the coldhearted crimes of the backstabbers, the TPLF terrorist enterprise.

Equally, we gratitude those countries, including Eritrea, China, Russia, India, African countries, as well as individuals who understood Ethiopia’s truth and stood in favor of the country in each and every platforms where the issues of Ethiopia were directly or indirectly entertained. As they are the ones who deserve special places in our heart, we honor and glorify them.

“Strong people are not simply born; rather they are made by the storms they walk through.” And the same is true for Ethiopians. At the just ended year, 2021, we have gone through number of distressing and heartwarming incidents. However, taking lessons from our pains and capitalizing on our successes, we will realize Ethiopia’s renaissance.



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