35th Summit: A success to Ethiopia, Africa

The 35th Summit of the African Union (AU) which was carried out over the past consecutive days in the capital Addis Ababa concluded peacefully and successfully; deliberating on matters that challenges African countries; as well as passing important decisions and directions that would advance continent’s progresses.

Ethiopia, beating the white lies and conspiracies brewed by some western forces, hosted the Summit remarkably. Contrary to the aspirations of its internal and external enemies who were working untiringly to blemish its reputation and disparaging it, it has managed the assembly constructively and effectively.

Even if country’s enemies have been attempting to portray as if it is teetering on the brink of severe peace and security threats; saying the capital Addis Ababa is unsafe to host the conference, the Summit concluded victoriously; and African leaders, foreign ministers, and ambassadors, who met in Addis Ababa to discuss on African’s issue, have returned home safely.

The diplomatic and political success Ethiopia has gained over its internal and external enemies has attested nation’s peacefulness; and its safeness, and annoyed and embarrassed its foes. More importantly, it has reaffirmed Ethiopia’s time-honored ability and potential in hosting any events successfully; be it local, regional or international activities even in challenging times.

In fact, from the very beginning, various ploys were circulated to frustrate African leaders from attending the AU Summit in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. There were also several attempts and pressures on the leaders to postpone or carry out the assembly in some other country; out of Addis Ababa. They had been even conspiring to disrupt the Summit.

The recurrent security alerts and travel advisories issued by the US Embassy in Addis Ababa and stating as if the capital is unsafe for foreigners can be seen as the best showcase in this regard.

However, thanks to African brothers and sisters for showing their solidarity and togetherness; and standing by the side of the country to hold the session in Addis Ababa rather than in any other African country, Ethiopia has hosted the Summit.

African brothers and sisters, understanding the hidden plots and agendas of westerners on Ethiopia, have demonstrated the strong trust they have built in Ethiopia even at this critical moment. And Ethiopia never fails the trust they put in it. By welcoming African brothers and sisters as usual; and hosting the assembly peacefully, (without an occurrence of single peace and security incidents), it has demonstrated the reality on the ground for the global community.

As the government Communication Service stated following the successful ending of the Summit, the conference is a great diplomatic victory for Ethiopia and all Ethiopians.

And, the success Ethiopia has scored invalidated the wrong calculations of enemies, infuriates them; and glorifies Ethiopia and Ethiopians regionally and globally.


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