35th Summit seal of African fraternity


Ethiopia will host the 35th AU leaders’ Summit in a couple of days at Addis Ababa. The Summit is the first conference that would be held in person after the outbreak of the COVID-19. Over the past two years, the summits were conducted through virtual meetings due to the pandemic.

This year’s Summit is different from the others due to various reasons. The first one is that it is a conference that would be conducted while Ethiopia is going through greater pressure from internal and external enemies, and even many have been conspiring to disrupt the Summit.

The other reason is that the Summit would be held while some countries including the US aspiring to impose colonialism on Africans, and it is a time that Africans have united more than before to let their voice be heard globally.

Thus, the 35thAU Summit is a defining moment and at the same time, a victory for Ethiopians in particular and Africans in general. “The Summit is being carried out in Ethiopia at this juncture in time is a great victory not only for Ethiopians but also for Africans”, said Ustaz Abubaker Ahmed.

In an interview with the Ethiopian Press Agency, Ustaz Abubaker said that for Africans to create the great continent that they are aspiring to see, they should consolidate their unity and solidarity. Strengthening Africans’ solidarity is key.

As to him, Africa, to maintain its greatness, and move to its prominence, the relation existed between and among African countries should be smooth. The solidarity, togetherness and support of each other would add additional energy to the effort exerted to transfer Africa.

As to Ustaz Abubaker, developed countries have been using Africans as their instrument to serve their own interests. However, to curb such kind of intent, end this proliferation of colonialism and prevent the continent from entering into escalated conflict and instability, the people of Africa should further strengthen the already started struggle and cooperation.

Mentioning the crucial role Africans have played in easing the pressure on Ethiopia, Abubaker said that those countries that have shown their respect and solidarity to the country should also put their fingerprints in the effort put forth to build greater Africa.

There is no solution to Africa’s problems other than Africans themselves. Realizing the fact that in times of adversity, the problem of one African country is also the others, Africans should support each other, he stressed.

The practice of pushing and shoving each other is failure and an act that poison Africa, and darken the future of the continent. On the other hand, supporting each other, standing in unison and creating collaboration between and among Africans is an act that cannot be ignored or something that would be put on the back burner, remarked Ustaz Abubaker.

Extending this gratitude to African countries that stood by the side of Ethiopia at this difficult time, Ustaz Abubakar all African countries and stakeholders who exerted utmost effort to enable Ethiopia host the AU Summit deserve appreciation and greater honor.

There were times that African countries were fighting each other and served as an instrument of indirect colonizers. Due to direct and indirect involvement of those anti-Africa countries (especially the West) the political and economic condition of the continent had been at the stake of others.

Despite the fact that Africa is considered as a free continent, it had been under the yoke of indirect political and economic colonization. However now, it looks that African countries have come to realize the importance of unity and working for common good. The commitment of African leaders who are preparing to attend the 35th Summit is a good witness to this.

The February 1/2022

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