… a beckon of victory not a story that Africa requires to repeat it today

The scramble for Africa was aborted

White’s conspiracy against blacks vanquished

Europeans’ hostile supremacy over Africa parried

Their obsession of colonizing Africa foiled

Do you know when and where?

 It was in Ethiopia on 23Yekatit, 1888 E.C’

Adwa’s victory afforded a chance for Africa’s independence

Adwa ushered in a New Era of freedom and liberty to Africans’ identity.

Commenced African and black people’s independence history

Following Adwa’s victory;

What a superb chemistry!

That is why Adwa is a global victory not a local story

That Africa is not required to repeat it today

Adwa gave birth and actualized Africans’ liberty

Emulating Ethiopia a fortress society.

Ethiopians are master warriors

That forestalled the white’s evil wish

The scramble for Africa, a salivating dish

Adwa is black people’s victory

That proves blacks’ potential

To take the upper hand over the white

 Italian force that came to gurmandize Ethiopia and horn of Africa

To their hearts’ delight

Were defeated by Ethiopian farmers, pastoralists

Soldiers, children and women’s undaunted fight;

Led by Emperor Menelik II and Empress Etege Tayitu

Adwa’s victory proved a humiliation for white invaders globally

Glory for black people who managed to walk shamelessly 

That is why we called Adwa is a victory not a story

Blacks’ people are people that stand for justice not for invasion

Because they have decency and civility for all

They are models of freedom, liberty and democracy

Adwa is a victory for the black and disaster for the white

Because it shut the door on the chance

For the white’s exclusive dominance.

It introduced new legacy, multifold,

Which upheld the catchword “black is gold.”

Symbol of pride

Being white is not mad

And nor symbol of shame

This is how blacks think and act,

But African be aware

Come on  soon unite

And fight modern imperialism

Uproot it!

Because neo-colonialism is secretly exploiting  

Blacks’ mind and resources

So come to celebrate Adwa victory

With the spirit of Pan-Africanism

To defeat indirect invaders.

Accelerating African unification 

Make Africa strong enough to safeguard its interest

Correcting the whites immoral concept against the black

That makes Africa, Ethiopia remain independent and free

In all spheres of the determinations

God bless Africans and the world’s nations.


The   4 March  2022

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