A crack on the chameleon’s mask


By way of a mockery

You tweeted

“Always truth will take

The upper hand,”


The sanctimonious

Of your brand

That adores to

Bedraggle motherland

Cooking stories

In deluding

The Global community

That served you

A magic wand.

Yes, true to your words

“The truth at last prevails!”

Lately, your mask

Has suffered a crack,

The revolting record

Sniffed from your track

 Revealed: Lucifer, molester

And traitor truly

Your features mark.

Also albatross on Ethiopia‘s

(WHO‘s) neck

Oaths that break

Is a headache.

WHO must know

Impropriety to fight

Purging a mendacious parasite

Though late is right.

 A bat, a rat

From sterilizer

To sanitizer

You made an acrobat.


The United Snakes of America

And their satellites

Have got

A smart puppet from Africa.

Showing a preferential treatment

You turn a blind eye

 To what terrorist TPLF

Has been doing to date—

Ransacked hospitals, Pharmacies

Reduced them to rubbles

Pillaged pharmaceuticals

In Amhara State;

Afar faced the same fate.

But you want to lament

Possible harm, in Tigray state,

You deliberately

Before the global community


The January 15/2022

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