A long sought-after tool to lasting peace

thiopia is setting the way for lasting peace. Various measures have already been taken to facilitate an enabling condition for an all-inclusive National Dialogue. There are also endeavors in the pipeline to conduct a fruitful dialogue to undo problems that have been piling up over the last several decades.

The National Dialogue, being a long-time coming one in the history of Ethiopia, is taken as a golden opportunity by all sides. Ethiopia and Ethiopians had not been putting to good use opportunities that were able to neutralize the disagreements over key national issues in the past. Due to that, the only option, mainly armed struggle, the political elites had been resorting to led to a mutual destruction. The country’s dear resources were channeled to annihilate one another lining up in various ideological fronts.

The last half-a-century, by and large, had seen successive generations of Ethiopians recruited, trained and used as cannon fodder to various regimes and political fronts. Otherwise, Ethiopia, an ancient and independent state, should not have been listed at the bottom list of developing countries. Not a few countries that were under the yoke of colonialism for decades have managed to be the champion of democracy and development.

So, what makes us remain in such an unfortunate situation?

The answer is clear and succinct. We had been at war with ourselves. At this juncture, it is crucial to underscore the role of outside intervention in the internal affairs of the country. This must not be undermined. Ethiopia’s historic enemies have been playing subversive roles to weaken the Ethiopian state. The an-all-out wars being waged against Ethiopia currently speak volume. Still, some quarters are using the same playbook they applied in the past to bring the terrorist TPLF to power.

Today, Ethiopians at home and abroad have joined hands to build a prosperous nation. The legitimately elected government has also proven commitment to bring the long- running problems to an end. A noteworthy one among achievement made so far is the establishment of the Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission. The law establishing the entity clearly stipulated that credibility and independence are the pillars of the commission. The major issues that have created chasm among political and opinion leaders, as well as the general populace, must be bridged with a credible, independent and capable commission. And that is exactly what Ethiopia is doing.

Through the dialogue, the messy chapter of the Ethiopian politics would surely be concluded. And all would fully turn heads to the country’s prosperity. The various segments of the community have also put great hope in the would-be coming national dialogue. With no shred of doubt, the public in general and pertinent bodies would work round-the-clock to properly utilize this tool which is the first of its kind to the Ethiopian politics to chart out a new promising destiny.

Besides, sustainable peace and prosperity in Ethiopia promise a peaceful Horn region. And good gesture in the international community put to the success of the National Dialogue, without attempting to directly and indirectly, intervenes in the process, and would pay in immense to the community itself.


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