A robust nation via brainstorming

One of the salient issues that affords Ethiopia’s name stand shoulder high is Ethiopians’ conviction to stand united when it comes to fending off aggression as seen in the Battle of Adwa as well as lending hands to flagship projects like GERD—the second Adwa. Ethiopians did practically demonstrate the former when European colonizers salivated to suck the country’s resources dry and efface Ethiopians’ identity of defiance to any form of tyranny subjugating its people. At that time the perception of colonizers about Ethiopia was a wrong-headed one. Their mindset was wrongly shaped.

Conclusion-jumper scramblers for colonies, on one end of the scale, thought Africans were uncivilized people that had no access to modern arsenals, on the other end of it, they rest assured on the possibility of driving divisive wedges leaning on Africans’ potential Achilles’ point– diversified ethnic groups, languages and religions. As an organ of Africa, Ethiopia’s case could be no different from the remaining countries in the continent.

Given their modern arsenal and well-trained army, armed to the teeth, colonizers harbored no doubt they could easily squash Ethiopia. However the reverse turned out to be true. From the then unfolding predators learnt the bitter lesson that neither a mighty army nor lethal weapons could warrant battleground victory. The credit goes to Ethiopians that always surge to the forefront of their volition when a question mark hangs over their common national interest.

Oblivious to the aforementioned fact and unwilling to draw lessons from the past wrong turns of colonizers, these days, neo-fascist TPLF troops have highly indulged in the futile bid of wrecking down great Ethiopia. They have committed treason against Ethiopia adding ugly hues to the dark historic spot of the country. Fortunately however heroic sons and daughters of Ethiopia, which inherited valor from their forefathers and foremothers, did not fight shy from defending their motherland. They have dealt a crushing blow to the mourning-killer and mendacious TPLF giving it an unforgettable lesson that it cannot conspire against Ethiopia scot-free. True Ethiopians are still giving bellicose TPLPL troops, impervious to reason, additional lessons.

While in Guerrilla fighting soon after its inception as well as in the consequent 27 years of tyranny this bandit group was lavishing creating dissensions along ethnic lines and fueling the fire. To meet its ends it did come up with its own nation-wrecker map that allows it the disintegration of the country. Time and again it was working hard one ethnic group to grope for the throat of another. Towards this end, drawing long forgotten historic narratives, some of which are fabrications, and constructing monuments that conjure up in the minds of citizens feelings of antipathy terrorist TPLF was hell bent to flare up civil war and genocides.

Even in the educational curriculum it did inject issues that widen ethnic and religious chasms than forge unity of citizens. Here it is worth nothing that it did strike out history courses so that youngsters remain ignorant about their identity and base. It was downplaying fabrics of unity and enduring peace of the country. It was brushing aside the national flag and songs charged with nationalist sentiment. To let citizens uncommunicatively live confined to their respective restricted domain, it was depriving them knowledge on common working language.

As opposed to their cultural, religious and psychological characteristic features, Ethiopians were seen reflecting hostility among themselves. Diverging from the time-old norm one ethnic group was attacking another due to the odd divisive seed Terrorist TPLF sown among Ethiopians. For instance, it was not uncommon to hear “Here is a black sheep. You are not from this abode. Find your place.” The displacement of citizens due to their ethnic base is ascribable to this hate speech.

Though the heinous did try to erode Ethiopians’ unity, they could not wipe it out as they wished. Ethiopians from the nook and crannies of the country as well as every corner of the globe have displayed a convergence of sentiment—defending their motherland and spurring its pathbreaking development. It suffices here to mention the flocking of the diaspora to Ethiopia following the call of the PM for nation’s furtherance support to foil revolution exporters’ subtle move and insurgents’ connivance.

Ethiopians are intermingled people sharing similar cultural, social, psychological and religious bonds. Heinously hacking these bonds to pave way to nation’s disintegration does not work. Capitalizing on upsides and deliberating on downsides coming up forward looking resolutions is imperative. The national-deliberation in the pipeline is believed to create a lasting solution.

It must be mindful of the fact that “Christmas is all about overcoming the dark past and embracing the rosy future and getting Herod’s bait behind one’s back” we must deal with the current situation, as the PM stressed in his Christmas wish.

The January 8/202

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