Addis-based GTNA to pioneer news from African perspective


ADDIS ABABA – An Ethiopian-based international television station called Global Television Network of Africa (GTNA) that mainly focuses on items of news from African perspective is to be established soon , it was disclosed.

GTNA Founder and CEO Girum Chala briefed journalists yesterday on the first phase of the project which includes obtaining investment license, business registration, getting partners and stakeholders on board, and securing a land for the building of GTNA’s headquarters, has been completed for a Pan–African media house which is under-formation.

As to Girum, GTNA, which would be the first global television network for the continent, has secured close to 5000 square meters of land from Addis Ababa City Administration for close to 30 million Birr, and the will be used for the construction of GTNA headquarters and will be a mega establishment that will be absolutely one of the most recognized landmarks in the city. He said : “We will soon commence the second phase of the project and we will work

to get a broadcast license from the Ethiopian Communication Authority.” As to him GTNA aims to be the voice of the continent by delivering news from Africa to the world, and it will showcase the Ethiopian and continental news from an African perspective.

He further stated that GTNA would enhance Ethiopia’s and the continent’s image so that Africa acquires its relevance in the global political and economic arena. A lot of works are being done to launch the television in a short period of time, he said, adding that it could cost three billion Birr to launch the station, and it could be expanded to five billion Birr.

Regarding the ownership of GTNA, Girum noted that most of stakeholders may be from abroad. The station will be independent from any influences.

As to him, when the TV station starts broadcasting, it will have correspondents from thirteen to fifteen countries in Africa, as well as correspondents in New York, Washington DC, London, and Beijing. He added that many international journalists are keen to work with the GTNA. Girum also said that the GTNA will have a significant impact on the challenges facing Africa and countering western media’s narratives about Africa.

He also thanked Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) for proposing for the establishment of African Union media house during the 35th African Union Summit.


The Ethiopian   9 February  2022

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