Admin. says working on making Hawassa tourism hub


ADDIS ABABA – Hawassa City Administration announced that it has been working hard on making the city the center of tourism through creating appealing environments and adding values on the naturally blessed nature of the city.

Having a stay with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), City Mayor Assistant Professor Tsegaye Tuke stated that naturally Hawassa city encompasses very beautiful places to visit. The city administration has been working in collaboration with different stakeholders to utilize the assets found in these places properly for tourism purpose. To this end, the city administration has been working to keep clean all areas in the city.

He stressed that as the city is found in reliable peace, tourists can move without any threat and the city administration could be taken as model for other administrations of the country in ensuring sustainable peace and security.

As to him, the community in the city has been playing a great role in making the city peaceful and convenient for living; criminal acts committed in the city have been reduced by the combined effort of the community, and the city administration encourages community participation in all spheres to bring about change in all aspects.

He underscored that city administration has made considerable progress in achieving its 100 days plan as per its set targets. He called on the local and foreign people to invest and city administration is in turn ready to provide both local and foreign investors with all necessary supports.

The January 11/2022

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