Adwa, a great reminder of Ethiopia’s courage

The victory of Adwa, which s the defeat of the Italian force by the Ethiopian patriots, had been a turning point in opening the eyes of both the colonizers and colonies.

The victory while creating the ‘Yes I can’ spirit among the entire black communities, it sent a message to colonizers that justice would prevail over injustice. The grand victory also dismissed European powers’ ambitions in deciding the fate of Africans and Ethiopia.

It was the first time a black population fully defeated a white power that was armed to its tooth. Adwa echoed the spirit of winning in the minds and hearts of the generation in Africa and beyond, said Lij Daniel Jote Ethiopian Patriotic Association President.

According to him, on the first day of March, 126 years ago, traditional warriors, farmers, and pastoralists, as well as women, defeated a well-armed Italian army in the northern town of Adwa in Ethiopia. “The battle of Adwa is notable as it was the first victory by an African country over a colonial power and is seen as an inspiration for the pan-African movement that would later sweep across the continent in the twentieth century and oust the colonial powers.” Lij Daniel added. Every year, Ethiopians celebrate this victory Adwa, a great reminder of Ethiopia’s courage day, unlike other countries that mark independence or freedom day.

This year’s commemoration of Adwa Day comes at a defining moment where the country has defeated internal and external enemies of Ethiopia. “The spirit of Adwa is remaining in the minds and hearts of the society. It serves as an inspirational and great reminder of Ethiopia’s courage in the face of unprecedented hostility. It showcases our resolute and unity in protecting our sovereignty,” he underlined.

University of Gondar Assistant Professor history Instructor Awgichew Amare for his part noted that, Adwa is a source of pride. “As a citizen I feel it because against all odds, Ethiopia remained in preserving its own independence and sovereignty by the heroic deeds of Ethiopian patriots who sacrificed their lives to defend the territorial integrity of the nation and protect its sovereignty.

“As a historian, I believe Adwa is the bedrock for our freedom and resilience and unity of Ethiopia. It is a great victory and yet we did not comprehend and cherish it well in a way that has to be understood.” Adwa is a unifying incident in which all Ethiopians from all directions came together to defend Ethiopia. It was a victory of all for all. No single group or man can claim as the sole owner of the victory.

It is a significant battle in history, ing a turning point in the history of modern Africa. The victory at Adwa strengthened Ethiopia’s image as a defender of Africa’s independence.

It became an impetus for Africans around the world. Under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II, and his strategic military and nation-building tactics with his bold and aggressive wife Emperor Taytu Betul, the Ethiopians launched a crushing defeat against the Europeans, particularly the Italians who had waged a war of conquest against the former.

“Filled with the spirit of Adwa Victory, we, the current generation, have been working to accomplish modern-day Adwa like the flagship project Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). We were able to foil the internal and external enemies of these days because we do have the value of Adwa.

In my view, Adwa not only reflects the past but also signals the future. The victory is an indelible mark and a powerful symbol in the evolution of modern Africa.

Indeed, it is an event that awakened the black community and ignited the struggle against colonialism and racism among Africans in the colonies and in the Diaspora.” In an effort to elucidate the diverse implications of this unique victory over colonialism, academicians should work earnestly to analyze Adwa from various perspectives, he concluded.


The Ethiopian   1 March   2022

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