Adwa commemoration inspires youth to repel neocolonialism

The young generation should renew the spirit of Adwa and the sacrifice the patriots made for the independence of the nation to tackle today’s challenges notably neocolonialist tendencies, social science scholars made a call.

The Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau held a discussion forum with scholars and patriots in connection with the 126th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa yesterday.

During the discussion, a historian Dechasa Abebe (PhD) said the victory of Ethiopian patriots over Italian invaders is an inspiration for the young generation and taught a lesson for the need to engage in activities that will contribute towards nation building.

Noting the people and rulers of Ethiopia shared a common vision to defend their motherland from aggressors, the historian highlighted that commemorating the sacrifice made by patriots encourages today’s generation to repeat similar victory over anti peace elements.

“Surprisingly, politicians and historians propagated a false narrative about the Victory of Adwa and instigated hostility among the people. “Due to this, we are  now fighting with ourselves…. We need to recognize that all Ethiopians have equal share in the victory.”

For Addis Ababa University Political Science and International Relations Lecturer Yonas Ashine, the commemoration should not only glorify the fallen heroes, but also cherish patriots of the day. “We are in an unjust world and the current generation needs to be courageous enough as their forefathers and mothers to ensure the dignity of Ethiopia. Accordingly, we need something special to wake up and to burst up the shielded trap of the growing neocolonial assault.”

“I think our current mysterious life is very interlinked with that of our history. The solution can be easily constructed by recounting that history for the aim of uniting the people,” the academician recommended.


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