ADWA Decisive victory of Black people over colonial powers

ADDIS ABABA – The victory of Adwa is not only Ethiopians’ victory over Italians; but black peoples’ victory over colonial powers across the world, according to the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated (EWF).

Meanwhile, today, throughout the black world, EWF is organizing a rally to celebrate the victory of Adwa and the generation of electricity from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). It is happening in London, Birmingham, Manchester, New York, Washington DC, and Kingston, it was learnt.

Speaking to The , EWF Country Representative to Ethiopia Ambrose R. King (Wolde Selassie after baptism) stated that when the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik and Empress Taytu defeated the Italians in the first war, the news spread like wildfire around the world.

The victory of Adwa inspired the black peoples in the Caribbean, South America, North America, Europe, and in other parts of colonized Africa, he added.

He said: “We did not see it as just Ethiopia’s victory over Italians; we saw it as black peoples’ victory over white people’s domination.” He also opined that when the Italians came to Ethiopia – the country of unconquered people – they were failed and defeated. “That meant the tide has now changed in favour of the black people of the world.”

As to him, the war in Adwa was a war that the black peoples around the world had been fighting for more than 2,000 years, and up until that time, the Battle of Adwa.

He further explained that they could say the colonialists or Europeans were winning.

But that battle of Adwa changed the whole course, it embarrassed them; it put them to shame, because, with their entire military mind, they thought they were able to beat the Ethiopian warriors.

He also indicated that news of Ethiopia’s victory against the Italians went right around the world, and affected everybody’s psychology, it meant that “yes, there is a ray of hope. We can remove ourselves from these chains, we can defeat slavery, and we can gain our victory over colonialism.”

According to him, the news affected everybody, every black person in the world, because the news spread, even though the white people did not want that news to get out. By word and mouth, it got out.

He added, “And then pictures came. And then communications came. And then people from the Caribbean from black America came.” And all this news started to give us hope that “yes, we can win.”



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