Adwa reminds Ethiopians to fight backwardness, poverty, division

ADDIS ABABA- Fellow citizens have to be emboldened by the 126th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa to make poverty, backwardness and division history in Ethiopia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said.

In his congratulatory message on the this year’s Adwa victory day , he said yesterday that “When we celebrate the 130th or 140th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa, We will have to make sure the nonexistence of backwardness, poverty and division in our country.”

Speaking about the importance of the day, the premier noted that the Victory of Adwa marks the bravery and resistance of Ethiopian foremothers and forefathers against slavery and oppression.

“Adwa Vitory is not the day of independence for Ethiopians; rather it is the day that marks the struggle we were engaged into safeguarding our freedom,” he further noted.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Abiy underscored that the Adwa Victory inspired Africans and peoples of Asia and the Latin America to break chains of slavery and drive out burdens of colonialism.

The victory also reshaped the misguided narratives between the white and black people by glorifying the black people on the global arena, he added.

Ethiopians fought poverty, backwardness and division at the battle of Adwa so that the now Ethiopia will feel pride with its daughters and sons who are campaigning against such three enemies towards realization of prosperous nation, Premier Abiy underlined.



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