Adwa ushers spirit of Pan-Africanism

 ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopia’s Victory of Adwa inspired the black people in Africa and the rest of the world under the yoke of colonization to fight for their independence and ushered the spirit of pan-Africanism, the Ministry of Culture and Sport said.

The ministry marked the 126th Victory of Adwa in a series of events and hosted yesterday a symposium under the theme ‘Adwa Sign of African freedom and Ethiopian Unity.’

Though Ethiopians were less equipped and trained and hard pressed by severe logistical and related challenges, the troops decisively defeated Italian invading forces armed to the teeth, the State Minister WorkineshBiru stated while addressing the event.

The state minister in her speech indicated the victory testified the ability to repel aggression for the oppressed and made Ethiopia a symbol of world peace and victory. The patriots’ commitment and sacrifice to fend off invaders is an inspiration to the current generation to make concerted efforts to overcome the pressing challenges of the day.

History Emeritus Professor at Addis Ababa University Bahru Zewde said for his part that Ethiopia’s victory over Italian invaders inspired many African countries under the yoke of colonization to fight for their independence. This credit was among the root causes that contributed to the country’s selection for a seat of the Organization for African Unity (OAU).

Ethiopians determination to remain independent and defend their motherland from foreign aggressor as well as their love of freedom and human dignity has also played a crucial role in ushering the spirit of Pan-Africanism.

Noting the majority of the conflicts and disagreements that happened in Ethiopia were based on false historical narratives, the reputable historian emphasized that the young generation should learn from their forefathers and mothers success in resolving differences amicably.

Research and Study Department Head at Defense Minister Colonel Mesfin Legese said that the spirit of unity during the Adwa victory will play great role so as to solve the current nationwide crisis.

The past false and missed historical truth have been creating confusions and scholars and experts in the sector must give due attention in conducting deep rooted research with reliable findings and long lasting solutions for the current problems.

Member of Ethiopian Defense Force Gosaye Desalegn said that “as a soldier and Ethiopian citizen Adwa is the victory which proud the black people in continent not only Ethiopia. All of the wars which were waged on Ethiopia were tried to infringe on Ethiopian sovereignty and Ethiopia has made just war.”

The wars that happened so far are just war and it is against those who want to intrigue in our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Ethiopians prefer dying than giving their right to others and will not kneel down for anyone who wants come across their rights and freedoms.

Adwa is a testimony that the then Ethiopian leaders refuses to accept the colonial rule and wisely defeated the enemy uniting together despite all internal differences.

The history of the victory of Adwa needs to be documented for the generation.



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