Adwa Victory Source of inspiration, pride


Today, Ethiopians are celebrating the 126thanniversary of the ‘Victory of Adwa’;which is also an emblem of freedom and source of pride for all Africans and black people who were in the hands of colonial rulers and subjugations.

The glittering victory that Ethiopians scored over the Fascist Italian forces at the Battle of Adwa in 1896 is still arelevant achievement that will be always ed above the horizons of Ethiopia and even beyond in terms of unifying the peoples of Ethiopia and making a decisive history.

Not only that, in addition to ensuring Ethiopia’s independence and making the nation the symbol of freedom globally,the success which is also the sparkling history of Africans,motivated all black people across the world to fight for their freedom,sweepout the colonial powers from the lands of the continent.

Especially, because it was the first victory gained by a single black African nation over a well-armed white colonial power while almost all African countries had fallen under the hands of colonial rule, the success energized Africans to rise up and resist colonial dominations and led them to lay the foundation for the notion of Pan-Africanism movement.

The other way around, the unanticipated grand victory succeeded over a white power that was armed to the teeth,terrorized the colonial powers who were settling in the lands of Africans comfortably. The humiliating failure also compelled the beaten power to made regime change.

Unfortunately, after 126 years, Ethiopia is under attack and is fighting a renewed battle following the conspiracies brewed by nation’s internal enemies and external forces.

While the country is struggling day in day out to realize its growth ambitions and detached its people from the vicious circle of poverty, nation’s internal traitors joining hands with its historic enemies are pulling out all the stops to obstruct its development paths.

In fact, as it is witnessed in various areas, their attempts are all in vain. All the development activities are underway accordingly; and its enemies are beaten at all fronts and points. The commencement of electricity generation from its flagship project, the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam,is one indicator that shows its journey to prosperity.

Owing to this and other facts, this year’s celebration of the Victory of Adwa has special significance and conveys an important signal for Ethiopians. It alerts them to put their differences aside and join hands,stand as one and realize nation’s renaissance because the Victory of Adwa was gained through the commitment and unity of Ethiopians.

And when we are celebrating the Victory of Adwa, we should vow to foster our unity and repeat the victory that our forefathers gained over the invaders through hover coming poverty,facilitating Ethiopia’s prosperity and upholding its dignity.


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