Afar’s IDPs in desperate need of food aid

 ADDIS ABABA—A photographer said that over 340,000 of 1.2 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)in Afar state are in need of food aid.

Visiting IDPs in Afar state recently, Gettyimage Photographer Jemal Countess said that he witnessed the severity of the situation in person and took some photographs of many displaced people, and analyzed the situation of immediate food aid assistance for survival.

Of the displaced women,he talked to Halima Hamda and two other women sheltered in their home at the EbayWaydal IDPs camp. The EbayWaydal camp has currently housed 60,000 IDPs from Chifra and over 35 surrounding kebeles.

Peter Goal, from university of Kigali replied to what Jemal Countess posted, who did this? I am sure, TPLF Terrorist group, but most international societies couldn’t dare to blame it.

Besides, other person who commented on it thanked Jemal’s being the voice of the victims and said, “We will do our best to bring more awareness although the international community wants to know and talk about others setting the issue of Afar andAmhara aside as a #NoMorebias.

Dawit Djote also said, “If we are really concerned about the country, let’s double our effort to rehabilitate the people affected by war and focus on reconstructing the health institutions and schools taking as our priority so the saying goes, ‘Folks don’t be distracted by other stuffs.’ We can dwell on other stuffs later.”



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