Africa is hoping towards change

Africa has, these days, been revealed and its presence has been well acknowledged following the concerted effort of its sons and daughters.

African leaders are going to hold a unique summit penetrating a number of ups and downs like organized conspiracies against Ethiopia and other countries of the continent. Even there are coup d’états in few countries and sanctions are recurrently imposed on countries which are not willing to serve the interests of the west and other developed nations.

The summit has fundamentally aimed at attaining AU’s vision coming up with an integrated, prosperous, peaceful and affluent Africa driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena.

Yes, it is possible to have a new, forward looking, dynamic and integrated Africa this time around, and this can be fully realized through relentless struggle on several fronts and firm determination of leaders and governments to come up with an autonomous continent. The African Union has shifted focus from being executive of intentions of colonialism to an organization spear-heading Africa’s development and integration.

The AU has now becoming a vibrant, proficient and value-adding institution driving the African integration and development process in close collaboration with African Union Member States, the Regional Economic Communities and African citizens.

Besides, the leaders are assumed to walk on their own feet as they started making sound decisions in all aspects despite the gaps witnessed with regard to some social, economic and political spheres.

The recent decision passed on where to hold the AU in ads resisting all the organized conspiracies to take the Summit to a different site, the well narrated and orchestrated defamation and misinformation is a clear manifestation of AU commencement to create and  independent and influential Africa.

The AU is right now entertaining vital values to guide and govern the functioning of nations towards respecting ensuring peace, tranquility, development, good governance as well as human rights and fundamental freedoms. This move leads the continent to Africa’s transformative agenda in the years to come.

The African continent, home to over 3 billion population is a diverse continent offering human and natural resources that have the potential to yield inclusive growth and eradicate poverty in the region.

Ethiopia as well as Africa has seized the opportunity of the AU Summit with a view to fostering people-to-people ties with other sisterly country, promoting tourism that is potential to contribute a lot to the overall economic development of the county and building its image via immensely introducing its peaceful atmosphere, resources and getting the rest of the world alert to know the reality on the ground in Ethiopia especially with regard the situation happened a year plus ago.

Generally, the Assembly has restated AU development priorities including trade, integration and peace and security. The Summit is also of paramount importance in consolidating the association between and among member states primarily to lift themselves out of the grip of poverty they have been finding themselves in. True, African states have to come to the forefront to make underdevelopment history.

The AU members are expected to move in unison to fight against terrorism, community conflicts, violent extremism as well as conflict entrepreneurs.

In a nut shell, the African Union Summit is going to convene few days after targeting at getting the voices of the continent heard loud globally. Have prosperous and fruitful deliberations and discussion, all African leaders!

The February 1/2022

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