Africa my Africa

Africa my Africa

Africa of proud warriors in ancestral Savannahs

Africa of whom my grandmother sings

On the banks of the distant river

I have never known you

But your blood flows in my veins

Your beautiful black blood that irrigates the fields

The blood of your sweat

The sweat of your work

The work of your slavery

Africa, tell me Africa

Is this your back that is unbent

This back that never breaks under the weight of humiliation

 This back trembling with red scars

And saying no to the whip under the midday sun?

But a grave voice answers me

Impetuous child that tree, young and strong

That tree over there

 Splendidly alone amidst white and faded flowers

That is your Africa springing up anew

springing up patiently, obstinately

Whose fruit bit by bit acquires

The bitter taste of liberty

 David Diop is a French novelist and academic, who specialized in 18th-century French and Francophone African literature. His research, at the University of Pau in south-west France, focuses on representations of Africa in 18th-century accounts and images by travellers.

Mandela the moral giant


Intoxicated with

‘Might is right! ‘

The moral dwarfs,

With beefed up muscles

And iron fists,

Drove home fright

Killing and leeching

Alienated natives

Day and night!

They brutally

Subjugated many,

With bare hands,

For God-given freedom

Who have to fight!

Up on gaining

Back freedom

Revolted by

‘An eye for an eye! ‘

Mandela the moral giant


“Retaliation what for

and why?

A moral dwarf, like


Degrade myself must I?

Though I was robbed of

Sunlight from a lullaby

 Almost to the day

I die!

The ‘peace and considerateness’

Placard is what we must

Worldwide hover high!

All of us are on our way out

Let us make sure

Behind us we leave

 Days bright!

Also we must not forget

Among the white

The presence of

The moral giants

Who fight for

Blacks’ right!”

The February 3/2022

 I’d tell you in my sleep


If I’m drunk and words don’t make sense

That’s when I will tell you the truth

I don’t know why I feel incomplete

all the time

Your love brings me joy but I don’t understand you

Or maybe I just don’t understand myself

I don’t know where to go from here

Will you promise me forever

I might wake you up from your sleep

And I might rob you from your sleep

But I will forever dream about

you in my sleep

The February 3/2022

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