Africans’ bond getting ever strong

Cognizant of the fact that getting Ethiopia knelt down can prettily pave a rosy path to get all African countries easily surrendered solely throwing a word from Washington, the developed world especially the US and some western countries have left no stone unturned to tarnish Ethiopia and destabilize it, if possible.

To make this a success, they have been defaming Ethiopia through disseminating fake news, falsehood fabrications and misinformation about it based on the current situation.

One is even tired of listing the futile conspiracies and evil deeds to dwindle Ethiopia’s march towards change and prosperity and many have run a number of activities in favor of the terrorist Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF). The very target of the recent hustle and bustle was snatching the chance of hosting influential summits and cardinal conferences in Addis Ababa by throwing fear of instability and chaos. This has been part and parcel of the comprehensive move to socially, economically and politically weaken Ethiopia.

The recently posted statement by the U.S. embassy urging its citizens to ‘leave the capital as it is under siege,’ and to maintain a high level of vigilance due to ‘the ongoing possibility of terrorist attacks in Ethiopia,’ is a case in point in this regard.

Surprisingly, the relentless effort Ethiopians at home and abroad exerted to make the world well aware of the reality on the ground in Ethiopia has successfully reversed the obliteration trajectory. Many African countries have been part of this historic march for freedom and independence.

The new imputes has of late been recorded along this line, too. Leaders of the African Union member countries have unanimously agreed to hold AU Summit in Addis Ababa. In so doing, they have effectively aborted the futile attempts of the aforementioned bodies who consider Ethiopia as a foe.

These leaders have really poured cold water into the feeble project designed by anti-Ethiopia elements. Following their affectionate gesturea and their commitment to reaffirm togetherness with this great east African nation, leaders of African countries have been granted with heartiest gratitude from Ethiopian Prime Minister.

Almost all African countries have rejected the recent UNSC resolution against Ethiopia in recent past, and most of them joined the #No more movement initiated by patriotic Ethiopians and fueled across the universe thereby making a difference in opposing unlawful meddlesome in Ethiopia’s internal affairs and arm twisting attempt.

Outlining an approach and framework to reverse the impact of disseminating and defamations, Ethiopians at home and abroad along with African brothers and sisters have worked well to develop a more tailored approach towards overcoming the multidimensional as well as well orchestrated evils Ethiopia has been facing especially over the year.

The struggle for African unity, regional integration and common growth has resulted in a number of changes. The good thing is the supranational political union is believed to be instrumental in immeasurably promoting peace and development in Africa.

Though the developing world would like to make an all-weather crisis-ridden continent, Africans are now committed than ever before to come up with an autonomous continent and make history thereby likening Africa with the developed world via devising potential schemes for a comprehensive growth and well putting in place the chief motto of the continent “African solutions to African problems.”

In a nutshell, time has come for Africa as its citizens have now been seriously horning the bonding siren setting the well-organized western propaganda to weaken Ethiopia, and then Africa aside. Africa is uniting. The magnificent decision the leaders passed on Sunday about the conference is a clear manifestation of this unwavering commitment.

The Ethiopian      January   18/2022

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