Africans in one voice saying No to neocolonialism


Colonization always has an awful connection with the name Ethiopia. The country from East Africa stood firmly not to kneel down for the new comers. The contribution that Ethiopia pledges for Africa was and always will be being an independent and free nation.

Most African nations celebrate the day of their independence from the white colonization. The only country that celebrates its victory day is Ethiopia. It was a victory from the shackles of colonization and remains free.

The essence of colonization has changed its face to a lot modern system which is neo-colonization. It is learnt that there are some African countries that are still under the duty of serving their former white colonizers. They even negotiate and ask permissions of the highest white leaders before they decide on a nation’s issue. This implies that in the mouths of many, colonization is a history shared by blacks and whites, but it is lot more than we think. Facts show that it is still practiced.

Recently, the world, whether it is pro or against the Ethiopian stands, has witnessed the pressure that these powerful actors did on the country. It is a fact that there is a war in the northern part of the country where the former ruling party started attacking the northern command of the Ethiopian national defense force. What Ethiopians don’t like from their long history is the external intervention and the one who meddles in such situations.

From powerhouse nations of the world to international media outlets, everyone wants to be involved in the internal issues of Africans, currently Ethiopia. This happens when the benefits of the powerhouse countries start getting shrink or at risk. In such occasions, Ethiopians know how to handle such interventions and how to say NO!

Patriotic Ethiopians have marched to multiple warfare fronts to defend their beloved motherland. We all know that the war is not only fighting with the terrorist group TPLF, but also with international media outlets for misinformation and disinformation about the conflict. In these courses of warfare both from inside and outside, Ethiopians lifted their hands and became the voice of the nation. In various media, Ethiopians appeared and denied the allegations. That was the reason why Ethiopians initiated NO MORE movement. Ethiopians started the trending on social media. The movement has a huge impact that even the west couldn’t resist.

This week, the 35th African Union annual  will be started in Ethiopia. In this annual summit, many African issues will be discussed and leaders will forward their ideal thoughts for the betterment of the continent. In this regard, the concept of ‘Free State from neo- colonization’ needs to be addressed. We Africans should learn from our past, from our grief, from our pain. In the time of colonization, we all know how we have passed the challenges when we were under such rule.

Just like old times, Ethiopia has shown its solidarity in the face of the world when interventionist tried to put on their hands. Using the NOMORE movement, Ethiopians from all walks of life stand together and said “No” to the neo- colonizers. This movement should go forth to all corners of the African continent to stand in solidarity and defend its freedom. We Africans need to emancipate ourselves from the shackles of slavery both physically and mentally.

How can Africans act upon neo-colonialism in the modern day? It is obvious that people, even Africans, think that the African continent is under such burdens. However, when one thinks of solutions rather than the problems, there will always be a way to freedom. In such scenarios like the African Union Summit, such ideas of solidarity and fraternity  should be raised. Not only raising the issue and call for action, but need to have a gut to act.

When all African nations want to free themselves from such mentality of slavery, unlike other continents, it is not the power we Africans have that make us go forward. It is our state of mentality that refuses to be under such system. That is one of the reasons that African states start asking a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council. When Africans start asking about their true rights with solidarity and a specific goal, it is imminent that their questions get ears to listen.

Therefore, the 35th African Union Ordinary Meeting is under progress. In this big event, African leaders should raise the rightful position of the continent in the world structures. The NO MORE movement will be one of the gearing wheels to stand against inequality and unfair treatments. Africa should say NO MORE to such inconveniences. The time is now to say ‘NO TO NEO-COLONIALISM’.

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The February 3/2022

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