Africa’s linchpin shall rise!

Ethiopia has continued to be the diplomatic linchpin of Africa. All the disinformation that has been waged against the ancient state is meant basically to either dismantle Ethiopia from the map of the world or at least to put in place a puppet government in the country’s helm.

Is the above assertion made out of the blue?

Here follows the answer.

Our insight as to the clandestine activities of Ethiopia’s enemies has grown by leaps and bounds after we have read a July 27, 2021 article that the Geopolitics Press published. The document put it in black and white that some quarters are advancing various subversions to bring about regime attenuation or regime change in Ethiopia. The document from Basma to Ethiopia: How C2FC is using lethal journalism to conduct information warfare and law fare against Ethiopia has laid the conspiracies bare. Here goes a quote from the article: “ [If] Ethiopia can be peacefully broken up if a rebel coalition takes power in Addis Ababa, and then allow the ethno-regional states to use the referendum to vote for secession, which the central government will accept.”

The ideas discussed in the quotation were partly materialized when a few losers formed a coalition in the U.S. with their evil architect Berhane G/Kirstos steering the wheels of their wishes earlier in November. Spokesperson of the terrorist TPLF also in public admitted that the U.S. was instructing them to advance to Addis with the coalition forces. It is easy to connect the dots in this regard.

The question is: Why have the entities waged such a well-crafted and financed war against Ethiopia?

The document has addressed this question in a pretty good way. The unity of purpose taking shape among Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somali, a tripartite alliance, has sent a shockwave to the entities. It aggravated the already existing geopolitical disease they have long suffered from. Plus, Ethiopia is a torchbearer of independence in Africa, and to the remaining oppressed people. The neo-colonial forces edifice is at risk of collapse once again for the engine of #Nomore campaign is ignited in Ethiopia and got credence among the diaspora Ethiopians. The movement has also received traction almost all over Africa. These and other reasons have brought the vicious forces together to press ahead with their underground activities but in vain.

These forces dream that they will put a dummy state in Ethiopia; see the AU Headquarters moved from the capital, its people continued to suffer from the TPLF-syndrome of division along cultural and linguistic lines— what TPLF itself copied from the Baron Roman Prochazka’s poisonous book.

African leaders call Ethiopia ‘a second home, ‘a mother’, and the like. Recently Ugandan, South Sudanese, and Kenyan leaders proved this assertion true during the inauguration of a newly elected government in Ethiopia. Of course, history, the bible, and science have all something superb to say about Ethiopia. Norwegian Nobel Committee Chair Berit Reiss-Andersen beautifully spoke about Ethiopia back in 2019. In her Presentation Speech at the peace laureateship award ceremony of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D), she had this to say: “Ethiopia is the cradle of humankind. The first Homo sapiens migrated from the territory of your country. In this sense, we are all Ethiopians.”

All the attempts are to expunge Ethiopia from the map of the world. A lot has been tried thus far though doomed to fail. And such plots will not succeed in the future. Today, Africans and all justice-seeking people across and on the globe have united and the orchestrators of such evil deeds are losing face.


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