Afro-Americans solidarity with Ethiopia unwavering


ADDIS ABABA- Solidarity with Ethiopia is deeply rooted among all blacks in the world, not only the blacks in Africa, but also Afro-Americans since the times of Marcus Garvey, according to acclaimed ex-diplomat Mohamed Hassan (Professor).

The former diplomat claimed in an article published in The International Magazine that African-Americans are not idle audiences of Western intervention against Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa at large. They see the attack on Ethiopia as an attack against all blacks, including those living in the U.S.

Every attack against Ethiopia yesterday and today increases the Afro-Americans antagonism with the U.S. government. “Today our media are announcing that Ethiopia wants to carry out genocide against the Tigrayans. In actual fact; Ethiopian does not want that; and no African believes that. The majority of Tigrayans would be better off with the disappearance of the TPLF. That is what will happen.”

Mohammed further highlighted that all propaganda and attempts to divide the peoples of Ethiopia and the Horn no longer works, adding that joining this anti-Ethiopia campaign would be very unwise. A victory for the TPLF is unachievable and the faction has become unacceptable to all Africans.

As to him, many African-Americans who traditionally voted for the democrats supported Donald Trump. Trump understood that he had to keep his hands off the Horn of Africa and had given Abiy a chance. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden wants to reconquer the Horn.

“Africa is portrayed in the West as ‘a vessel of misery.’ The truth is that Africa has been changing course for some time. Nigeria, for example, is rich. Many of her cadres, as well as those of other African countries, are competent. Development is increasing. Africa is entering into endless joint ventures with China, Indonesia, India, and Turkey.”

Moreover, the attitude of ‘playing the servant’ to the former colonial powers is over. The roles are gradually being reversed. In Britain today, 28,000 African doctors and nurses work. Without them, healthcare in the U.K. would cease to exist. So, the British are obliged to show some respect to Africans.

The ex- diplomat pointed out that there are at least 10 million Africans who have one million euros and often more in their own capital. The large African cities can easily stand comparison with European cities. Agriculture is developing with modern production methods and crops. This frustrates the West. “They do not really want to face this development.”

“The African Diaspora gives far more aid to Africa than the IMF, the World Bank and all the NGOs put together. On the other hand, the Western hegemony is over that the people of the world have understood much better than the people in the West, what the defeat in Afghanistan means.”

By the same token, the West’s ability to intervene in Africa is limited and their attempts in Sudan and the campaign in Egypt against the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam at the request of the U.S., is mainly for internal use in Egypt and to maintain President el-Sisi’s regime.

“The US wants to oust Abiy from power in Ethiopia as well as break the tight unity between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. It cannot and will not succeed. All African countries, even Félix Antoine Tshisekedi of Congo are behind Abiy and the countries of the Horn,” he remarked.

The January 25/2022

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