AI confirms TPLF’s summary killings, gang rapes in Amhara


ADDIS ABABA- Amnesty International (AI) senior investigator gave her firsthand witness of harrowing gang rapes and sexual abuses stories committed by the terrorist TPLF forces in Amhara state, Ethiopia.

The senior investigator Donatella Rovera told Channel 4 News recently that the terrorists have raped women unashamedly in front of their children or mothers mercilessly during their stay in controlled areas like Woldiya town.

Since July 2021 ,terrorist TPLF rebel group have committed gang rape, summary execution of civilians in cruel manner against international law, she said.

“In the last few days, I have spent with young girls and women who have been raped and subjected to all sorts of sexual torture including being held as slaves near to Woldia town by terrorist TPLF groups.”

According to her, at this moment it is a very grim picture and there is no pathway for justice any of the victims right now and meanwhile in the absence of justice and on this terrible cloud of shame around these poor victims … “

 Several of the women I have spoken to have told me that their husbands have left them since they were raped.”

So in one case not just the husbands then the family but also their mothers. The humanitarian situation is desperate for everyone may be the victim and their family outcast in some cases, she noted.

“Most of the victims are not even sharing what has happened to them with their own families let alone coming forward and speaking in the same way and we are anonymzing all the testimonies because it is impossible to expose them,” she said.

As to her, other issue is that the conflict has left medical facilities in tatters and so the availability of physical medical care and but also psychosocial support is extremely limited for the survivors.

The January 29/2022

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