Aid officer debunks Tedros’ lies


ADDIS ABABA—Regional Information Officer with European Commission Humanitarian Aid ( ECHO) Mathias Eick unmasked the lies of Director General of World Health Organization(WHO) TedrosAdhanom (PhD) for his statement that medicine delivery to Tigray blocked since June.

Revealing contradicting claims of WHO Director, the officer said that massive medicine supply was delivered to Tigray in October,2020 adding that the largest medicine air delivery from Addis Ababa to Tigray was made in early October.

The officer said that the medicine aid to Tigray was delivered via “Air Bridge” from Addis Ababa. But TPLF forced UN medicine aid flights to abort landing by declaring “no fly zone”.

It is to be recalled that United Nations (UN’s) drivers told SKY news that despite TPLF killing Afar civilians, Afars allowed aid delivery into Tigray and they have been operating safely before federal government’s ceasefire declaration, but TPLF soldiers launched intimidation after the ceasefire.

In a similar vein, UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said last October that the UN “received instructions to abort landing by the Mekelle airport control tower,” referring to the terrorist TPLF controlling the airport at the capital of Tigray state.

This UN revelation contradicts the inaccurate western media reports that the Ethiopian government stopped the UN aid flights. In fact, “the UN humanitarian flight has been cleared by federal authorities” in Addis Ababa, said Dujarric. But the TPLF forced the latest UN flight – containing food, money and medicine – to return back to Addis Ababa without delivering the humanitarian aid in Tigray.

Historically, the TPLF was famous for weaponizing aid and exploiting malnourished Tigrayans (who can’t join its rebellion) as hostages.

Dr. Yared Agidew Eka Hospital Manager on his part said that the medicine and medical equipment terrorist TPLF accumulated in Tigray through looting from over 700 healthcares from Afar and Amhara states are enough to serve Tigray people for more than a year.

The manager said thatWorld Health Organization (WHO) that has been run by former TPLF’s executive leader TedrosAdhanom failed to collect data about the destructed and looted healthcares by terrorist TPLF in Afar and Amhara states.

The manager said that though the organization has mandate to collect the data of health centers found around the conflict zone through the help of Surveillance System for Attacks on Health Care (SSA), it intentionally failed to do so, not to make TPLF responsible for its destructive action.

Denouncing the measures taken by the Director, the officer said that contrary to his global responsibility the director has been harming Ethiopia through backing terrorist TPLF.

The January 19/2022

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