Ambassadors vow to promote Ethiopia’s real image

ADDIS ABABA– The newly appointed ambassadors have vowed to work hard on promoting Ethiopia’s real image across the world.

Ambassadors made the remark recently while taking part in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ training that has been launched on Tuesday.

The training has been offered to the ambassadors in a bid to create awareness about the current overseas diplomacy engagement prior to their deployment.

One of the newly appointed ambassadors, Muktar Kedir (PhD) said that the training is important to fill the personal gaps observed in diplomatic approaches of the country.

“We are appointed to represent one great nation abroad, thus we are expected to do fruitful work during our diplomatic career in respective host countries, and the training would help us properly execute our future mission,” he noted.

Ambassador Daba Debelle also said that the newly appointed ambassadors and diplomats will show the tangible ground of Ethiopia’s economy and expected to change distorted outlook of some foreigners regarding Ethiopia and give factual direction to them.

Ambassador General Bacha Debelle on his part stated that the training is a means to acquire knowledge in the areas of diplomacy apart from helping the nation defend the international pressure; the nation has appointed required diplomats and ambassadors that are assumed to effectively discharge their responsibility in optimal way in a bid to keep our national interest.

“What is expected of us is just coming up with good negotiators and properly representing our country—Ethiopia—and portraying its comprehensive importance to the countries where we have been assigned,” he opined.


25 FEBRUARY 2022

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