An overriding national feeling

Derartu, Haile, Tirunesh

 Kenenisa, Meseret and all

 With a similar footfall!

Displaying a superb

Long-distance athletic feat

When many superstars

 Awe inspiringly you beat

And as a result of it

When your sought-for Fought-for

 And nation- prayed-for

Dream proves a hit

And also with kudos

 A stadium full of people opt

 You to greet

 And when spectators

 Accord you a high five

 It is for your country’s flag

You immediately dive!

Also on the podium

while Ethiopia’s row-wise

 Green, Yellow and Red

Emblazoned flag,

Shoulder high,

Soars above

 You express

Your umbilical cord-tight

National love

With tears that

Trickle down each of

 Your cheek, quick.

 Is it because

Reminiscent of

Each living hero

 With a life sacrifice

That brought colonial

Aggression to zero?

Is it because

The bounty of the land

You grew up

Seeing first hand?

 Is it because

 The cherished corner

You cut in the heart of

 The poor but prideful

Ethiopian neighbor?

 Is it because

 The unity in diversity

That showcases

 Ethiopia’s identity

Or citizens hospitality?

Is it because

At heart strings a tug

 Or, among others


to Your iron-strong lung

 When you hear

 Ethiopian anthem sung?

 Is it because a secret another

Deep down you harbor?

 Is it because the Fertility

 Hope and Sovereignty ideals

 The flag advance,

Also Ethiopia’s being

A beacon of independence

What is more

 The nation’s renaissance

Which in a curtain of mist

Before your eyes dance?


The Ethiopian   18  February  2022

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