Appreciation to Adwa’s patriots!

Many thanks and praises to our patriotic forefathers and foremothers, this generation is living proudly. Every year we commemorate the 1896 Golden Victory of Adwa where Emperor Menelik II, his wife Empress Tayitu and other heroic forefathers and foremothers of this proud country made a remarkable history in uniting Ethiopians against the colonialism ambition of Italy.

Adwa’s Victory is a victory of all black people against the white aggressors. It beamed the brightest hope for all Africans that have been immersed under the colony of different European countries. Ethiopians’ Victory at Adwa teaches all Africans how to free their country and lead their people towards freedom.

Last week, the Victory of Adwa was commemorated colorfully. Every Ethiopians from all walks of life attended the commemoration event at the Menelik II square in Addis Ababa. On the event, various messages have been disseminated in recognition of the then Adawa’s Victory patriots. More importantly, the youth chanted slogans that confirmed as we are nothing without the golden triumph of our forefathers at the Battle of Adwa.

Watching active youths that are firmly elaborating the significant contributions of Adwa’s patriots stimulates great pleasures. It is common to witness that there are traitors (bandas) who have been digging deep to disintegrate their motherland Ethiopia then and nowadays. The unity and harmony of Ethiopia and Ethiopians should be the priority of the youth. Currently, Ethiopia needs patriots not conspirators. Youths are the real guards of Ethiopia. However, different internal and external enemies have been brewing different mechanisms to poison the minds of the youth. During this time the external and internal enemies sponsor various terrorism acts in the country. The youth is the major attention of the terrorists to execute their ill intentions.

Therefore, it is time to forward a heartwarming appreciation to the Adwa patriots who contributed a lot in nation building and wrote a colorful history through the golden Victory of Adwa.

Our forefathers encountered various challenges in the efforts to register the golden Victory of Adwa. The Adwa mountain chains showcase the genuine patriotic sacrifices. It is a place that all Ethiopians and Africans should visit and witness the victory.

More assignments are left ahead to commemorate the golden Victory of Adwa. This generation has to realize Ethiopia’s socio-economic development and build a powerful country. Thanks to our forefathers, the country sustains its original cultural and historical assets through winning all external enemies. Sustaining the indigenous assets of the country is expected from this generation. Ethiopia embraces untapped natural resources. In addition, it also embraces various manmade resources that will be great potentials to generate more income in the tourism sector.

Ethiopians have deep-seated patriotic sentiment and do not hesitate to die for their flag and motherland. The patriots and citizens never afraid to lost their lives for the sake of freedom. Freedom required an enduring patience of patriots and all Ethiopians.

Woman’s role was also enormously significant. Ethiopians give a greater value to women. And in various confrontations with external forces, women like Patriot Shewareged Gedilie and Patriot Sindu Gebiru played a key role in the remarkable achievements of freedom through fighting and up lifting the spirit of men fighters.

Woman Patriot Shewareged Gedilie was born in North Shewa Zone, Debre Birhan city. She was one of the key figures when one talks about patriotism and women in Ethiopia. She contributed more in encouraging and supporting more patriots to join the resistance against Italy invasion. Her patriotism was manifested in spying and disseminating messages secretly to the patriots to counter the Italians plot.

Patriot Dagnachew Temesgen currently works at the Ethiopian Ancient Patriots’ Association. “There was internal power struggle among Ethiopian officials in different times. However, when it comes to external forces, Ethiopians always join hands to defend the territorial integrity of the country and ensure its independence,” he said.

“Naturally, every Ethiopian is a patriot and do not want to be in the hand (guardian) of anyone. This is witnessed while you see every citizen irrespective of age, sex, race and religious backgrounds march forward to the battlefields,” he added.

According to him, during the five years struggle between Ethiopians and Italian invaders, the patriots’ resistance went as far as giving their neck for the sake of freedom and victory.

“This generation should learn a lot from the experiences of the patriots. They should learn the value of persistence, optimism and action,” he emphasized.

Currently, the Ethiopian Ancient Patriots’ Association is requesting the Ministry of Education to incorporate Ethiopia’s patriots’ experiences in various battlefields and historical achievements in its curriculum to educate the new generations about the virtues of patriotism.

This generation has a responsibility to repeat the patriotism of the old generation in nation building and sustain and deliver a free country to the future generations. Back then, Ethiopians who fought with traditional weapons such as swords, spears, and cudgels managed to resist fascism and external invasion. It is the responsibility of this generation to do the same in nation building and in becoming globally competitive in terms of economy, technology and diplomacy.

In sum, this generation has a responsibility to demonstrate that Ethiopia is rich with patriots not only in the battlefield but also in the fields of technology. Currently, the country is registering promising economic growth and playing a tangible role in the African pacification and integration efforts through undertaking mega projects like the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).



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