Associations say stock market effectiveness needs joint effort

– Concerned bodies hold stock market symposium


ADDIS ABABA—Ethiopian Marketing Profes­sionals Association said that as Ethiopia is poised to introduce its first stock market, the effectiveness of the scheme requires the relevant support from all actors.

Association President Mulgeta Gebrmedhin(PhD) told The that the School of Com­merce, Addis Ababa University and 13 profes­sional Associations have hosted the first “stock market” series symposium as of yesterday for  two days.

He also said that the symposium has been undertak­en under theme: “Emerging Stock Market in Ethio­pia: Sensitizing the Actors towards a collaborative approach and a flourishing future.”

Making stock market competitive and effective at national, regional and international level requires time, awareness raising activities, availability of in­frastructure, and government goodwill and support. To make this happen, government, academic insti­tutions, financial sectors, and other relevant actors should contribute their relevant shares to the effort exerted towards fostering the stock market.

 “The major thematic areas incorporated in the sym­posium include awareness raising about fundamen­tal aspects, regulatory framework and the impor­tance of introducing alliance among like-minded professionals with a view to beefing up their mean­ingful contribution to the area,” he stated.

According to the president, school of commerce and its partner professional associations anticipate seeing a regular interaction among all actors as Ethiopia is poised to introduce its first stock mar­ket. Such interactions are expected to contribute greatly towards sensitizing the financial sector, the user group and the regulatory body to a great extent as well as forging a smooth and functional collabo­ration among various professional associations, he highlighted. Lessons and experiences that will be gained from the symposium are going to be great inputs for policy makers and industry players he said.

The event is expected to be attended by close to 400 participants comprising the private sector/en­trepreneurs, potential security market traders, bank and insurance professional, marketing profession­als, researchers, consultants and members of pro­fessionals associations, representatives from rel­evant public enterprises, NGOs and multi-national companies (MNCs).

The January 15/2022

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