AU Chair demonstrates bold stance to curtail military coups


ADDIS ABABA- The African Union (AU) has to introduce rigorous measures beyond condemnation to effectively curtail the dangerously widespread military coups in the continent, the newly-elected Chair said.

AU Chair and Senegalese President Mac Sall made the above remark at the conclusion of the 35th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government on Sunday. Bold measures have to made to deter the unconstitutional regime changes in Africa including sanctions and embargo; land and air borders could also be closed so as to discourage the trend.

Noting the existence of legitimate concerns including unemployment, seeking better living condition and salary increments among Africans, President Sall stressed that all these problems could not justify the military to take up arm and to carry out a coup. “This a condemned act and Africa cannot accept this state of matter.”

“We have a courageous decision of ECOWAS which is supported by the AU as we cannot have a dichotomy of regional economic community and the continental body or organ. It will be done in terms of subsidiary, complementarily, solidarity.

I demanded work in team spirit with members of the bureau and the commission to address the challenges and priorities of the Union. Among this is the very urgent are peace and security, fight against terrorism and the resurgence of military coup on the continent.

 We need to focus our attention on building our countries and sharing continental integration as they are not possible if there is no peace, no security and no stability. Sharing the above, the African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat  said that violence, unconstitutional change of government and related undemocratic activities are unacceptable moves that should be strongly condemned. All AU member states have made strong contributions for the realization of a peaceful and prosperous continent.

The commissioner also noted that the summit meticulously examined the challenges African leaders have been facing. “I am very confident that I know President Macky Sall’s commitment to Africa, his method of work and open-mindedness. I think we have a leader who can lead our continent during this difficult phase.”

The February 8/2022

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