AU lauds Ethiopian outstanding performance amid COVID-19 challenges


ADDIS ABABA- African Union (AU) Infrastructure and Energy Commission has given thumbs up to the Ethiopian Airlines for its success stories despite various challenges related to the global pandemic: COVID-19.

The Infrastructure and Energy Commissioner Amani Abou-zadi (PhD) told The that overcoming various challenges, the airlines has been doing a lot of effective works during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many African countries either to suspend or reduce their Airlines services, while Ethiopian Airlines using its experience and skills overwhelmed the challenges and problems it faces, she said.

The African Union has so far provided support to harmonize the COVID-19 challenges on African Airlines with various stakeholders since COVID-19 has significantly reduced flights due to the high cost of COVID-19 testing, screening, vaccination, and related services at airports.

“Ethiopian Airlines was facing a crisis like any other African airlines; nevertheless, the airline has been working to tackle the problem differently from other airlines. Hence, the airline has been able to prove its strength by turning the challenges it faces into opportunities.”

According to the commissioner, the airline still needs to work harder to carry out continental flights, transport the people of the continent, and work to increase the flow of tourists.

The February 4/2022

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