AU leaders have made history!

African leaders concluded the 35th AU Summit 6th February 2022 in Addis Ababa. The leaders deserve reverence for they played a commendable role for the success of the meeting. Regardless of the resistances, they uncompromisingly supported the decision to conduct the meeting in Ethiopia.

Indeed, the nations of the African continent have written chronicles in bold and paved the rosy avenue for the next generation to enjoy mingling and standing together. Yes, history is made. Proving the western media futile attempts, orchestrated conspiracies and intertwined smear campaigns with a blind eye and a deaf ear, African leaders turned out to be active participants of the 35th AU Summit in Addis Ababa.

They have thus made the unthinkable possible. So the saying goes, ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed!’ Africa has indoctrinated the rest of the world that Ethiopia is a strong historical state which has never been fragile following topsy-turvy matters, silly campaigns and corridor slanders. They have confidently told the globe especially which has entirely tilted down to the bandits,who have been serving as a lapdog administration at the expense of all Ethiopians for close to three decades, as Ethiopia is a peaceful and sovereign nation from which many countries of the world can draw important lessons.

Unequivocally, as of the firm determination of all African leaders to hold the grand summit in the headquarter—Addis Ababa—those who had given hard time to Ethiopia and considered it as an unstable nation have these days changed their mind and expressed keen interest to work together with this African star.

This is purely the result of the African states’ determined stance to be by the side of Ethiopia whatever the outcome later on might be. They have preferred Ethiopia to the US and westerners cognizant of the fact that Ethiopia is a genuine and lifetime ally and soul and flesh of the continent. They are willing to make history with Ethiopia indeed, as learnt from their deeds and practical demonstrations.

 Hence, Ethiopia would like to thank all African countries for their firm diligence to be with it at bad times as their understanding of the reality on the ground helped the former excellently disprove the misinformation, falsehood propaganda, defamation and conspiracy disseminated against it in an organized manner.

Since the spirit of neo-imperialism will not have space this time around because Africa is determined to free itself from the yoke of colonialism earlier and its modified form—neo-imperialism right now as well as started standing together under the umbrella of pan-Africanism.

Without a shadow of doubt, it is possible to work, grow and come up with a difference togetherthrough employing a win-win manner. However, if nations act otherwise, it would be quite impossible to unduly meddle, interfere without the consent of the host nation and impose unlawful burdens under the guise of providing humanitarian aid, respecting human rights and other related concerns.

In principle, as each and every nation of the seven continents cemented with universal glue known as globalization, no country would be absolutely isolated. What matters here is there couldn’t be a country to portray hegemony on others since all should be autonomous and self-ruled in the era of 21st century. Their rights, dignity and sovereignty must be well respected and move with others with mutual understanding.

All African states have to say No more neo-imperialism, modern way of colonialism, uninvited meddling and asset vandalism if they are working to bring about real change in terms of economy, social and political trajectories.

In sum, Ethiopia is highly indebted to all AU member states as they have helped it penetrate the all-rounded and systematically plotted problems. Understanding that making Ethiopia socially, economically and politically weak helps weaken the Horn of Africa in particular and the entire continent in general, all African countries have been determined to listen to Ethiopia more than ever before.

The February 8/2022

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