AU Summit dispels rumors about Ethiopia’s instability: Foreign journalists



ADDIS ABABA– The peaceful and colorful happening of the 40th Ordinary Session of the African Union Executive Council dispels the false rumors of some interest groups and the corporate media that largely strive to portray Ethiopia as a place of disorder, foreign journalists said.

Approached by The on the sidelines of the Summit, the journalists, who are among the over 340 foreign media professionals accredited to cover the grand event, stated that the conference put the coordinated smear campaign in a cold storage.

Accordingly, a journalist from China Global TV Network (CGTN) Daniel Arap said the commitment of the people and government of Ethiopia to restore peace and order have made the Summit a reality. Africans recognize Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s handling of the northern conflict and his ability in curtailing the threat TPLF posed on Ethiopia’s existence.

Ethiopia’s success in ensuring peace and stability encouraged African leaders to meet in Addis Ababa thereby refuting Western media’s rumors that the country is in the worst situation to host the Summit.

“Several doomsday tellers, mainly the corporate media have made every attempts to cast Ethiopia as a place of dismemberment by employing the fake news; however, the country has handled the situation. By doing this, Ethiopia keeps its history as a source of pride to fellow Africans.”

“We all are grateful for the government and the people of Ethiopia since we came and attended the meeting, after two years, with peace, love, and respect. Now we see that Addis Ababa is a safe city and the people are very friendly,” he added.

Sharing the above, another media professional Hali Yahya stressed that the ongoing summit has completely dispelled the claim that the conference, due to instability, could not be held in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia, by hosting the meeting, has served as a source of inspiration for fellow Africans and encouraged the latter to stand in unison to overcome challenges they have been facing whether economic, political, health and also military conflicts. The meeting is also an expression of the unity and solidarity of Africans and proves the fact that Africans can do anything when they stand together, Yahya remarked.

The February 5/2022

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