AU summit in Addis sends strong message to naysayers: MoFA


ADDIS ABABA – The decision of member states of the African Union (AU) to convene the AU meeting in Addis has thwarted the efforts of those who are always trying to promote their ill and hidden agendas saying that there is no stability in Ethiopia, according to Ministry of Foreign affairs of Ethiopia (MoFA).

MoFA Spokesperson Ambassador Dina Mufti told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the decision is a good response to those who say it is impossible to hold the meeting in Addis due to the current situation of the country.

He added that Ethiopia has previously hosted so many African Union’s Ministerial sessions and Heads of State and Government sessions. “However, there were some groups who were pushing for the meeting not to be held in Ethiopia.”

He further stated that the decision to hold the 40th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council and 35th Ordinary Session of the AU Assembly an African Union summit in Addis Ababa as before indicates that Ethiopia will continue to overcome all the challenges.

For a long time, some groups tried to get the AU office out of Ethiopia.But their agenda has often failed, as to him.

Until recently, some countries were repeatedly urging their citizens to leave Ethiopia. There are also countries that have expelled their citizensfrom Ethiopia, he also explained.

“The recent decision of member states of the AU shows that the actions of these some foreign forces are wrong and that Ethiopia is still in relative peace and stability,” he indicated.

Despite the conflict in some parts of Ethiopia, much of the country remains stable, Amb. Dina said, adding that Ethiopia is a country that is overcoming the challenges it faces.

Committees set up in each sector are working 24 hours a day to host various programs and make the event successful, he  said, adding the Ethiopian people are expected to welcome guests as usual.

In his press statement regarding AU’s decision, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) appreciated the decision of African leaders to hold the upcoming African Union summit in Addis Ababa, despite lobbies for the change of venue of the summit due to the current situation of the country.

“At this time when we are seeking your fraternal partnership, the action of those who have been pushing for AU summit to be held out of Addis Ababa citing COVID-19 spread and security situation as pretexts had saddened Ethiopia, the Premier indicated.

He also explained that Ethiopia has never taken the issue of Africanism as secondary, but as a priority. Its commitment to Africa’s independence has never diminished. The place it gives to Pan-Africanism is always significant. Ethiopia is the same in the past and present, he noted.

He also called upon Ethiopians, especially in the hospitality and security sectors, to work towards the successful and cherished conclusion of the summit.

As to him, the fact that the summit will take place in Addis Ababa has multiple meanings. It is an opportunity we attest our peace and security, show Ethiopia’s image in action to our African fellows, and earn economic benefits at large. Hence, it is expected from all of you to make the summit successful.

The 40thOrdinary Session of the Executive Council and the 35thOrdinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union are scheduled to take place from 02-06 February, 2022, in Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian      January   18/2022

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