AU Summit refutes misrepresentation about Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA- The successful conduct of the 35thOrdinary Session of the AU Assembly in Addis Ababa told the global community that Ethiopia’s reality is not what is portrayed by the corporate media, according to a wellacclaimed Ethiopian Diaspora.

Speaking to local media, the Ethiopian Diaspora Dereje Getahun (PhD) recalled some Western embassies’ huge engagement in urging their citizens to leave the country through issuing repeated, unsubstantiated and politically motivated security alerts.

“This wish; however, has not been materialized due to the rigorous efforts of Ethiopians in home and abroad supported by their African brothers and sisters.” Despite the fact that some interest groups have made every attempt to hinder Ethiopia’s hosting of the Summit, the continental event has brought about a significant diplomatic victory for the hosting nation.

Admitting problems in some parts of the country, Getahun stressed that the successful completion of the conference shows the world that peace and stability is greatly restored and Ethiopia has the capability to host major international conferences without issues.

“The bilateral level discussions that were conducted on the margins of the Summit would also open the door for the rest of the world to understand the current situations in Ethiopia.” In addition to the African leaders, the visit of the UN Deputy-Secretary-General Amina Mohammed to Ethiopia and her visit to the war-affected areas are of great significance in terms of exposing the terrorist TPLF’s atrocities to the world, he remarked.


The 13 February 2022

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