AU’s sound decision deserves veneration!

 The 35th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly (Heads of State and Government Session) will be held in Addis Ababa on the 5th and 6th of February 2022. The decision to hold the meeting in Addis Ababa has been made by the African leaders, overcoming the withstanding circumstances that were against the decision. The decision became a reality because of the relentless efforts the African leaders demonstrated. Hence, Ethiopia is reverencing the sound decision of the African leaders.

Actually, the cooperation of the African leaders even in recent years is not limited to pulling the AU Submit to Addis Ababa; in the last several months when some western leaders and their media were striding into propagating false information about, Ethiopia the African trusted leaders were standing beside Ethiopia. They also withstood the inappropriate and irrelevant sanctions some western leaders had tried to impose on Ethiopia through violating its sovereignty. Appropriately, Ethiopia always venerates their persistence and loyalty to stand by Ethiopia at critical time. Particularly, Ethiopia has thanked all AU member state leaders for their sound decision to hold the 35th Ordinary Session in Addis Ababa.

Interestingly, the commitment the other African nations have been demonstrating to support Ethiopia in the last several months is a showcase that the continent is strengthening its unity among the nations. Surely, they are increasing their unwavering bond to exploit the untapped natural and human resources to grow together.

All Africans are well aware that any injustice to one of the AU’s states is injustice to the other. That is why almost all Africans resisted the influence, pressure, and interference on Ethiopia. In the old days, they also stood together to gain their independence from the cruel hands of the colonizers. Now, it is time for them to use their inextricably interwoven unity and continue resisting neocolonialism. Fortunately, the upcoming AU summit in Addis is one way of reasserting this idea and conveying a clear message to the rest of the world.

Though massive pressures and interferences were orchestrated against Ethiopia, the nation has never compromised its stances. In doing so, Ethiopia has affirmed its unbroken historical relations with the other African countries since it is seen as an emblem for African independence and freedom. The unity Africans have been demonstrating in the last some months is the clearest indication that the continent will no longer tolerate any inappropriate pressure and interferences. To realize the continuity of these achievements, the continent ought to accelerate the process of economic integration thereby pursuing addressing its societal and political problems. Indeed, Ethiopia plays a key role in this regard. It’s believed that the submit creates ample opportunities for the leaders to address the urgent and recurrent issues and the results will take the continent a considerable step ahead.

Moreover, as the continent is in the midst of continental and global challenges, the heads of states have been expected to make strong decisions that demand determination. Hence, It’s time for African leaders to act. They no longer tolerate western influences and even aid at the expense of their sovereignty. Ethiopia’s recent firm stance on western pressure can be a lesson in order to ensure Africa’s economic and political independence.

All in all, Ethiopia deeply values the commitments of other African nations during critical times when its sovereignty was threatened. Inevitably, the pressures against Ethiopia and its endurance in protecting its sovereignty have strengthened unity among the nations.


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