Awramba community leader urges people to prioritize peace, humanity • Community marks 50th anniversary

ADDIS ABABA- The founder and leader of Awramba community, which is known for its egalitarian philosophies, unique work ethics, peace, equality and gender justice, Zumra Nuru urged fellow citizens to prioritize peace and humanity.

Zumra made the above remark during the 50th founding anniversary of the community. The community derived its name from its original locality, Awramba, a Kebele in Fogera district, South Gondar Zone of Amhara State.

It was established 50 years ago by a revolutionary thinker, Zumra Nuru who believed that the conservative and reactionary norms of the nearby society need to be transformed to progress in all aspects of life.

Zumra and his fellow community members had passed through formidable resistance from the nearby community to stand as an entity.

Eventually the community and its founder are able to win fame and respect throughout Ethiopia for their unique and progressive thinking and ethics.

He said during the commemoration event that the motto of the community is speak good, do good, avoid abuse and violence.

Due to these unique principles and practices, the community is able to spiral from rejection to acceptance by the local community and the world. “The community has its own philosophy of life. No dispute between husband and wife.

If at all it happens, the community soon settles it. Peace making starts from the family level.

In our community, discussion is the basis for all decisions and activities.” Zumera advised everyone to give priority to peace and humanity and to sustain harmony in the nation, everyone must stand for love and respect.

Community’s public relation and spouse of Zumra, EnaneyKibret said for her part that theft, hatred, bad speech and lying are strictly forbidden by the norms of the community.

Nothing would stop the development of Ethiopia if all available resources are utilized peacefully, with good manners and for shared benefit.

She further noted that the community promotes gender equality and never attributes any kind of work as belonging to either a man or a woman.

Peace, hard work, and equality are the core values of the community. Presenting a research paper during the anniversary, a scholar KindalemDamte (PhD) stated that the main means of labor for the Awramba community are weaving and commerce.

Expanding the community’s philosophy is of paramount importance to Ethiopia to realize egalitarian community and sustainable peace.

The community marked its 50 years anniversary under the theme ‘let us build our values together.’


The 13 February 2022

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