Aysha wind farm power to generate 40 MW

ADDIS ABABA—Local media report indi­cated that the Aysha wind farm project has been prepared to generate 40 Megawatts and its construction is nearing to completion.

The delegation led by Minister of Water and Energy, Dr Eng Habtamu Itefa visited the project recently, and the project has 48 units, of which 32 units have been well in­stalled and from these some 16 units are get­ting ready to generate power.

The wind farm project will have 48 wind turbines having a generating capacity of the 2.5 megawatts each and when the whole construction is completed, it will generate about 120 megawatt.

TheWater and Energy Minister Dr Eng. Habtamu stated that as energy is one of the attention grabbing sectors in the nation, the problem the Aysha wind farm construction has encountered would be solved soon and completed properly.

The Project Resident Representative Endris Gezu said Aysha wind farm construction is expected to be completed in 18 months, but for various reasons it has lagged behind for about four years.

The construction of Aysha II was launched in June 2017 in Shenelle area of Somali state, it was learnt.

Although Ethiopia is endowed with abun­dant renewable energy resources and has a potential to generate over 60,000 MW of electric power from hydroelectric, wind, so­lar and geothermal sources, currently it only has approximately 2,300 MW of installed generation capacity to serve a population.



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