Bank donates humanitarian aid to drought-affected people

ADDIS ABABA– Oromia Cooperative Bank has donated humanitarian assistance to drought-affected people in some parts of Oromia state amounting to 70 million Birr.

The donation was taken place in the presence of the Oromia Disaster Prevention Commission Deputy Commissioner Geremew Olika, Cooperative Bank of Oromia President, and representatives from the concerned bodies.

During the occasion, deputy commissioner Geremew Olika said that since the onset of the drought, a number of stakeholders along with the government, have been providing humanitarian assistance as much support as possible.

The Oromia Cooperative Bank previously pledged to support 70 million Birr that has been collected from its employees, he recalled. Hence, the bank purchased 70 million worth humanitarian assistance such as food, various types of cereals, and fodder, and provided the communities with these items. This greatly helps the region’s drought-affected communities, he noted.

The Oromia Cooperative Bank President, Deribie Asfaw his part noted that the bank has been supporting the community under it is motto “We concern for the communities.”

Currently, the bank has, with the principle of “We care we share,” provided drought-affected people in some parts of the Oromia with various humanitarian assistance to share their burden.

Hence, the support includes 8,400 quintals of corn flour for infants, nursing mothers, nutritious food for the elderly, 150,000 liters of cooking oil, 56,000 bushels of dry grass, he explained.

The support will be distributed mainly to the drought-affected communities in East Bale Zone, Borena Zone, East Hararge Zone, East Guji, and Guji Zone.


25 FEBRUARY 2022

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