Bird’s eye view of Ziway’s Timket celebration

 ADDIS ABABA—Celebrating Timket /Epiphany/ in Lake Zeway is special and historic, because the islands of Lake Ziway contain hidden monasteries following Ziway’s people journey to the islands as refugees, keeping alive their faith and protecting holy artifacts from invaders since the 16th century.

The Tabot (covenant comprising the Ten Commandments) is carried on priests’ head and taken to the top of the hill from the  Carrying the Tabot down and taking it across the lake Zewayis strongly believed to bless the water and the lake will become holy water for everyone. This is the legend how the people of Lake Ziway came to celebrate Timket in an extraordinary manner, said JeoeyL.eth, Photographer, in his twitter page.

During the Timket celebration, from an island monastery on the lake, the tabot (a replica of the Ten Commandments) is carefully transported within a procession of wooden and papyrus boats to the mainland shore, he cited.

He further described that the next morning, worshippers rush into Lake Ziway to receive a blessing of holy water. The tabot is kept on the mainland for just a day before being returned to the safety of the hidden island, he stated.



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