Board to deliver certified accounting, audit service

• Holds first Nat’l Accounting Day Conference

ADDIS ABABA – Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE) disclosed its readiness to deliver certified accounting and audit service.

The Board will deliver the service through the Ethiopian Institute of Certified Public Accountants that it will establish soon. Yesterday, the AABE held its First National Accounting Day Conference to boost awareness, networking and collaboration among stakeholders.

AABE Director-General Hikmet Abdella said on the occasion that the development of accountancy as a profession is a key driver for infrastructure development progressand enabler for accountability, transparency and sustainable economic growth.

To address shortage of accountants and auditors and to build the capacity of AABE, the board has prepared to set up Ethiopian Institute of Certified Public Accountants. To this end, the board has fulfilled the necessary infrastructure preparation and requirements to launch certified service.

Establishing the institute will enhance professional capacity to commence well certified service in the sector.

Also, as the shortage of certified professionals has been challenging the business, adopting certified standards and establishing the institute will improve the service delivery, she elaborated.

National Bank of Ethiopia’s Financial Institutions Supervision Vice Governor Solomon Desta said for his part that the proper implementation of accounting and auditing can realize sustainable, fair, and equitable economic development that the country aims to create.

To create job opportunities for the growing population and lay the foundation for prosperity, accountants are among the key stakeholders with an irreplaceable role in making the goals of home grown economic reform a reality.

The vice governor further highlighted that accountants are spearheading forces in making homegrown economic plans a reality by creating a sustainable economic environment predictable, easily understandable, and free from unethical activities and is always accountable to the public.

For the Ministry of Revenues Tax Audit Director, Birhanu Abebe, examining the curriculum system with the current reality of the country will enable it to have ethical and certified accounting and auditing experts.

Periodic evaluation of professionals as per a standard would help the professionals build competence to perform standard financial statements.

Moreover, updating the standards, identifying the gaps and equipping professionals is vital to strengthen professional associations and key actors like AABE thereby keeping the growth of the economy in the business dynamism world, Berhanu noted.


The 12 February 2022

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