Bureau to vaccinate half a million citizens in ten days

ADDIS ABABA – Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau disclosed that it has embarked on the second round COVID-19 vaccination campaign to vaccinate over half a million citizens across the city within ten consecutive days.

Briefing the media yesterday, the Bureau Head Dr.Yohaness Challa stated that in order to reduce the death rate and patients’ suffocation in hospitals caused by the pandemic, the bureau has been preparing to provide citizens with the second round COVID-19 vaccination.

The vaccine will be given for ten successive days in public health centers and temporary vaccine posts for citizens aged over 12 years, and some 430 vaccine teams are set to be engaged in the effort exerted towards achieving the target of such a colossal campaign.

As to him, over one million people were vaccinated once and close to 700,000 citizens were vaccinated twice in the city during the first round.

He further stated that only 28 percent of the population was vaccinated so far in the city and this is very low as the city is an international diplomatic seat in Africa and many activities have been held here.

According to him, a total of 467,575 people have been so far tested positive to COVID-19 whereas over 7,426 people died.



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