Call for Amnesty International’s to keep exposing terrorist TPLF’s atrocities

ADDIS ABABA— Twitter campaigners have reacted Amnesty International’s report as it has vividly portrayed all the horrific atrocities and unthinkable cruelty of the terrorist TPLF group in various areas of Amhara state , which is tantamount to war crime and crime against humanity.

The campaigners said that though there are lots of atrocities committed by terrorist TPLF’s militants since July 2021,Amnesty was asleep up to now. This plainly exhibits that there was some sort of conspiracy against Ethiopia as before.

As to the campaigners, now is high time to fight against disinformation campaign supporters of the terrorist group have been transmitting.

Supporting the report of the Amnesty International, the campaigners said that the terrorist TPLF has committed numerous atrocities in the Amhara and Afar states.

The campaigners further said that they have repeatedly warned amnesty international about the atrocities, but the international organizations including Amnesty International has ignored the warnings.

The campaigners stressed that the amnesty international reflects its stance for humanity in undertaking genuine investigative journalism to reveal the atrocities of the terrorist group though it is too late to report; rather it was expected to reveal the reality instead of disseminating fabricated sensational Facebook rumors like Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and BBC were doing as such an investigative journalism is helpful to get what is on the ground.

Denouncing the delaying of the report, few campaigners also said that Amnesty comes up with such documents to resume their credibility resulted from their mere smear campaign against the federal government, its reliable gesture had been diminished to nearly zero.

The campaigners said that despite these facts, the western powers have been attempting to impose sanction against the federal government that has been operating to end the atrocities by the terrorist group.

The campaigners called on Amnesty to further investigate and announce the atrocities being committed against Afar civilians by the terrorist group to the international community.

Tweeting in her twitter page Director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs Ann Fitz Gerald also said that federal government must ensure that data about these crimes is available, well-organized and communicated for all concerned parties and all victims must have their voices heard.

She stressed that it is encouraging to see more international leaders travel to some of the worst conflict-affected areas to get more comprehensive look on-ground which will help make sound decision and disseminate balanced information.



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