Call for immediate assistance to draught-stricken communities


ADDIS ABABA – National Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Committee has called for immediate assistance to draught-affected communities in different parts of the country.

The Committee, in its regular meeting, restated that the immediate response and coordinated leadership of the executive bodies of the emergency response process need to be strengthened.

During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister as well as the Committee Chairperson Demeke Mekonnen said that the drought-stricken communities in various parts of the country need immediate assistance.

He added that it is important to reach out to the most vulnerable citizens better than the previous coordinated efforts of executives of the emergency response process.

 In accordance with the direction set by the Committee, the emergency response should be centered on end users by solving problems related to the emergency relief supply and distribution process in a sustainable way, he urged.

Demeke thanked the Diaspora community for their support in overcoming the country’s natural and man-made disasters. He further called on the international community to support the ongoing efforts in rebuilding the country.

National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner, Mitiku Kassa, on his part said that the support and emergency response activities are being carried out in accordance with the decisions and directions of the national Committee.

However, Mitiku added, inadequate supports from partners have negatively affected the support and response process.

The January 15/2022

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