Child gluing Africa born to Ethiopia

Had time had ability to expressly utter words, it would have been sorrowfully yelled about what has fraudulently been done against Ethiopia targeting at snatching its natural right to develop its own precious fluid gold with a view to making the country persistently aid dependent.

The world over has undoubtedly known about Ethiopia’s close to 86% of water share of the Nile unless they would like to give it hard time and intimidate to merely remain standstill.

One is of course tired of listing all the ups and downs, conspiracies, and organized unjust moves, partisan intentions, among others, to get Ethiopia deteriorated, and dismantled if possible. Internal betrayals along with eternal historical enemies have left no stone unturned to confiscate Ethiopia from world map in general and to entirely halt the constriction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in particular.

A viable scheme to combat all social, economic and political problems has been transcending generation after generation. This is really a clear manifestation of Ethiopians unwavering stance and entrenched love for their beloved nation—Ethiopia.

Thanks to all bodies participated in pushing the dam to this decisive step, dark days vanished, the files of unfounded allegations closed and fabricated propaganda against the dam has been excellently disproved. Yes, time has started adjudicating impartially.

The allweather fight of every Ethiopian, a range of diplomatic moves and the relentless efforts of Ethiopians at home, Ethiopian diaspora as well as foreigners of Ethiopian origin and Ethiopia’s friends, have been bearing fruit. Congratulations to all Ethiopians! Congratulations Africa!, and Ethiopia’s adherents as Ethiopia’s rebirth is officially avowed following its giving birth a child who would potentially be a pride of Africa, that of the world too, apart from getting the continent adored and revered well.

Hadn’t it been the case of a well-organized support of all Ethiopians and the matchless management of the firmly determined reform-born leadership, GRED wouldn’t have reached here thereby helping sootinflicted citizens of the nation obliterate poverty and years long life fatigue.

After a trying and chaotic journey with which their effort for growth and prosperity has been enclosed, Ethiopians have started seeing bright light, GERD power, a candid pride of generations.

So the saying goes, “A good beginning is a partial ending,” Ethiopia has seized a ladder of success and a dependable step forward. Ethiopians, world countries which have been with Ethiopia during dark days, congratulations! It has had nothing in return, indeed! Yes, hard work and cooperation pay off.

The beginning really leads to the target set in a bid to help the GERD generate power in full swing. It is not that far thus.

Cognizant of the fact that moving in unison and amalgamating efforts is of paramount importance in overcoming external impositions and irrelevant meddling, Ethiopians from all corners of the globe did every great deed! The case of GERD is a peculiarly amazing scenario as citizens ranging from daily laborers to high profile investors have been participating in soliciting fund for its construction. Abbay, has now started compensating the lost asset—desert enriching loam soil carried from Ethiopian highlands and roaring water devoid its brothers and sisters of clean water. Unequivocally, it has declared its mother’s rebirth.

The very indispensible aspect which needs to be well comprehended amid the entire thorny journey is that contrary to what is chatted about the GERD—minifying Sudan and Egypt’s water share—is prettily disproved as the water directly flows to them after generating power from the source.

GERD is definitely becoming a means of firm cooperation and common growth as Ethiopia would sell power to European countries through Egypt grid apart from getting Sudan and Egypt itself electrified. GERD becomes global glue, in simple terms.

The   22 February  2022

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