CNN turns back on terrorist TPLF

ADDIS ABABA- Having supported the genocidal TPLF Terrorist Group for years, CNN has for the frist time reported credible information about the thugs’ heinous crimes , said Activists and Scholars in social media.

It is very strange to read something credible from the CNN Africa. At last the truth about TPLF exposed to the world. “I have never tuned to the CNN news channel for the last one year.What have I said since August, folks? What did I predict?” Said Amanuel Biedemariam, Activist in his twitter page.

He added that Nima’s new appointment should be revoked based on the findings that are coming out in regard to the Terrorist TPLF which she has made lots of Fictional Reports.

TPLF depravity would become too obvious to ignore, and even their Western media friends would turn on them just for the story. I said: “A hungry dog has no loyalty.” Anyone want to call out Nima Elbagir on this? said Jeff Pearce , Historian, novelist, career surrealist.

Eskedar Emishaw , Activist said that, Ethiopians have been pleading to the world, TPLF invaders did the exact same thing in every town they entered. They acted like a robot programmed to destroy, but CNN was too busy amplifying their fake investigative stories.



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