Commission eyes on int’l experiences to successful dialogue

ADDIS ABABA – In the process of facilitating the much-anticipated National Dialogue, prime attention has been given to study the best experiences of different countries that have carried out successful national dialogues and to adopt the lesson in Ethiopia’s context, the Chief Commissioner said.

Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission (ENDC) Chief Commissioner Professor Mesfin Araya told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that international experience would be studied with a view to conducting a viable and all-inclusive national dialogue in the country. Apart from experience sharing, the ENDC would also collect research papers related to the issue and boost the skills and knowledge of its members to discharge its entrusted responsibility.

The chief commissioner further noted that by designing meticulous programs and viable guidelines, they are intended to identify and analyze the most pressing issues that are worth to table for the national dialogue. There could be millions of ideas raised from different stakeholders and if we try to deal with them all, even thirty years could not be sufficient, let alone our three-years mandate to conduct all-inclusive dialogue.

As to him, the commission will do a better job by identifying the causes of major disagreements in the country and prioritizing them. “If we want our country to be suitable for all of us, to be safe and pass the same from generation to generation, all should cooperate.”

The commission is not the sole body who will decide the future of Ethiopia but it facilitates the condition for a better future, the people of Ethiopia need to support the establishment professionally and in other ways, Professor Mesfin made a call.

It was stated on the ENDC establishment proclamation that countries use different methods to bring about national consensus when they face the same problems that Ethiopia is currently facing. And, one of these methods is making a national dialogue, which is currently being implemented and becoming more effective in many nations.



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