Congregation marks Ketera with great zeal


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopians Orthodox Christians and other celebrants across the country colorfully marked Ketera Festival, eve of Timket Holiday yesterday.

Hundreds of thousands of faithful gathered in Jan Meda, major celebration site in the city. The worshippers and celebrants from different areas have accompanied the ark of covenant “Tabots.” Many Ethiopians and foreign visitors also congregated in the city where the holiday was celebrated in a more colorful manner.

At the event ,the celebrants said : “As we observe this year’s Timket celebration (Epiphany), we need to strengthen our unity by avoiding divisive ideas.”

For instance, Elizabeth Wolde Selassie stated that the faithful of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church should thank the Creator for bringing us together to celebrate this year’s Epiphany in peace despite various divisive ideas have been instigated by some irresponsible individuals.

She, therefore, said the faithful should be vigilant and stay away from such individuals . Deacon Kidane Mariam Eshete on his part stated that the Timket is a celebration of Christians coming together in love and caring. “ Thanks God for such peaceful celebration.”

One of the foreign celebrants like Elvind Aacborg who hails from Norwegian Church Aid said that he always think that Epiphany is a nice celebrations and he has been living in Ethiopia for five years and celebrates the holiday annually.

 “I am celebrating the festival at Jan Meda and it is very fantastic, impressive, and colorful and it is special celebrations for me. I really enjoyed participating.” For Ethiopia Norwegian Church Aid Country Director Lisbeth Guren ,the celebration is very colorful. It is very traditional. It is a very beautiful celebration. “I really enjoyed it.”

 Noemi Mioara from Belgium said that “I am very honored to see such a beautiful event and testify such a beautiful and unifying events, here in Ethiopia. It is really wonderful and amazing. I stayed in Ethiopia for the last two months and I have also celebrated the Christmas in Ethiopia. I will stay long. I love the people they are very friendly and the culture is also very impressive.”

The January 19/2022

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