Constructive engagement to eschew possible odds

The foreign relations policy Ethiopia pursues focuses on securing and promoting national interest before all else. Living in peace and ensuring regional peace and stability with countries of the Horn and beyond; in that way transforming regional integration to the highest level are the nucleus of its foreign policy.

By the same token, establishing principled relations and partnership with the wider international community, is the other core essence of Ethiopia’s nation’s foreign policy. The country, aside from formulating the policy, has been working arduously to make it a reality.

Without a doubt, a foreign policy that promotes regional and international relation and partnership which is established based on win-win approach and mutual benefit is critical to achieve the goals of social, economic, diplomatic and political objectives; at the same time bring about change within a country.

Especially in this globalized world where the international community is becoming increasingly interconnected, devising all-encompassing foreign policy facilitates international integration and promotes peaceful cooperation between and among other nations and yields the greater benefits of multilateral cooperation.

Further, by protecting states’ interest and improving their social, economic, political and diplomatic relations with allies at the global arena, it assists nations to achieve their own goals and ambitions.

 However, the aforesaid outcomes can only be met when states respect the foreign policies of respective countries. The desired ambitions and aspirations can only be realized when every relation is established based on mutual interest and win-win approach; and every concern and interaction is addressed accordingly and in principle.

Obviously, Ethiopia has a long diplomatic tradition that goes back to centuries. Throughout its diplomatic history, the country has experienced a number of moments of all sorts. However, for whatever reason; it always puts the national interests of the nation at the center of its relations; and pays the required sacrifice to defend this strategy. As a result, it has enabled to sustain its peace and security, preserve its own territorial integrity and sovereignty palpably.

Sad to say these days the country is in more pressing moments than before. Taking the challenges the country is in now as a good opportunity, many entities are attempting to add fuel to the fire thereby amass their political interest. Owing to this, the journey ahead of us will not be smooth; but, as might be expected, continues to be more demanding.

Evidently, Ethiopia has its own way of solving its internal problems. However, if it is needed, any of the negotiation carried out with Ethiopia should be with the spirit of constructive engagement and based on win-win approach in order to eschew possible odds, not to surrender its sovereignty; but to bring positive changes and achieve common goals.

The January 12/2022

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