‘Conversation b/n Abiy , Biden initial step towards improving ties’


ADDIS ABABA– The telephone conversation Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) recently held with the U.S. President Joe Biden is the gesture of improved relationship between the two countries, a political science scholar Brook Hailu (Professor) said.

Speaking to The , Brook, who is also international relations and international mass media expert, stated that for the first time, Prime Minister Abiy agreed to meet the U.S. outgoing Special Envoy for Horn of Africa Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman. On top of that, immediately, for the first time, President Joe Biden made a telephone call to speak with Abiy. “That is a big improvement.”

“Three months ago, the U.S. politicians said, ‘we are going to suspend Ethiopia’s eligibility for the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) from January 1, 2022. They had to do that. But, last week, we have seen improvements in Ethiopian-American relations. The Biden Administration knows that it cannot arm twist the Ethiopian government, because the former had drawn the line.”

Quoting PM Abiy remarks, Brook stressed that the current Ethiopian government is not alike with its predecessors by putting national interest above everything. Ethiopia will cooperate with the U.S. if the latter will not harm its national interest, if it hurts, no, because the Ethiopian government gives priority to its people.

Brook highlighted that Ethiopia not only evaluates situations from Western perspective but Abiy’s administration also seeks partners from all corners of the globe which is recommendable as long as it is based on mutual interest. “The U.S. has to accept this. Ethiopia is a sovereign country, a proud nation, always independent.” No country will push Ethiopia this way or that way.”

According to him, the second and final reason for the change in the Ethiopian-American relations is, now it seems that the Biden Administration had given up on TPLF. “They know that the faction has lost the war; they had thought that TPLF would come to power; they really felt that it would come to power.”

The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and the support of the people, a strong leadership at the top, the strong commanders and leaders, the unity of the Ethiopian people here and the Diaspora together has resulted in the success of the war. The Biden Administration has accepted defeat and that its puppets will not come to power. Western countries do not shy away. They try their strategy. If it does not work, they will come back to Ethiopia.

“As long as they do not push us around, as long as they appreciate our rights to decide on issues independently, then I think the Ethiopian government has no problems.” “Because of these two major reasons, I think the Ethiopian-American relations would improve in the coming weeks,” the academician remarked.

The January 20/2022

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